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Thread: Who here has a modified PT Cruiser?

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    Who here has a modified PT Cruiser?

    And how do you like it? Is it fairly easy to get in and out? Please tell me everything about it I'm looking into getting one.

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    Theo, we considered one for my son with the conversion on the passenger side. Basically what we discovered is that a power chair can't make the turn from its ramp into the front; also not very much head room - if you're short, that's not a hassle! Just be very careful with measurements, turning radius, etc when you're talking to the sales peeps - 'cause of course they want to sell you the car!

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    ok...thanks for the warning, marma

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    I have other reports that it doesn't
    work all that well with manual chairs


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    i have a power chair though...currently with the ez lock system installed under it.

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    I believe I remember the salesman telling us the EZ lock folks won't do an install in a PT Cruiser for safety reasons. Unfortunately.

    Too bad, it's a cool little car!

    They did tell me, tho that the Honda ? Expedition - the funny looking little SUV that looks like a baby hummer to me - is on the design plans to be a conversion SUV - maybe by the spring Abilities Expo - so keep your eyes out.

    Who have you been talking to re the Cruiser? We talked with the folks at FMI.

    If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. - Mother Teresa

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    Marmalady, it's the Honda Element. Conversion also by FMI.

    re: the EZ Lock & PT Cruiser, I don't see why it wouldn't be any different than a van. I'd call the EZ Lock company directly.

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    well if they have an alternative to the ez lock that works just as well, i'd consider using that. i just really want this car

    i havent talked to a dealer yet.

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    also a good solution... hope you can make it happen tiffany

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    thanks scott for posting the pics. i really dont like the honda element though...a bit boxy, but i will admit its better than a mini van.

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