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Thread: One year out is still new?

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    One year out is still new?

    Today marks one year out of the hospital for me. I post this here for the new people to see, that look for anything they can, like I did.
    It does get better.
    Some things haven't.
    Life has changed.
    I have new friends.
    I lost some.
    I look at life different.
    People look at me different.
    Small things can make me happy.
    Some big things piss me off.
    Every day is a work out.
    It never was before.
    I'm more optimistic.
    I don't know why.
    I hope you don't have pain along with your SCI.
    like I do.
    Work at what ever you can do. Find other SCI people to hang with from time to time and ask any question you can think of from the good people on this board.
    That was a fast year, glad it's over!

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    First couple of years are tough CJ, glad you made it. Some don't. 38 years post for me, It gets better, I still enjoy life and keep maximizing my potential. Don't ever give up.

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    Patrick is right I will be 20 yrs post 11/24 and it does get better and how much better many times depends on how we react to it.. Keep on keeping on..

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    Thanks for the thread. I'm almost 9 months post and life is getting better all the time. rehab 4to5 hours a day. My wife says thats my job for at least a year and a half. Keeping busy is very helpful. I'm lucky that I only have burning butt pain. I think that just getting used to a new body state takes time. Hell, just not getting up every morning to go of to work takes some time to get used to. And not getting payed is another adjustment. But we are still eating so I guess were fine. Thanks for listening.
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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    20 months since I left the hospital (tomorrow). Everything you listed is truth, I'd say you are well ahead of the curve. At one year I still had my head way up my ass. I'd have to say the next year will be the make-or-break period. Either you find something to make life enjoyable again or it turns into a dismal existence. For me I had to do something- started playing wheelchair rugby, bought a handcycle, began travelling a bit, went back to school. As flying said - keeping busy is very helpful.

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    2 years out, 2nd went faster than first. The magic 2 years of recovery are over.
    Good, now I can get on and get more back or not. Next!
    Got some Side Stix, they are way cool. Learning that smart use of all tools helps save energy to do other stuff.
    Got more Pain, Spasticity, Banding, oh the fucking banding.
    Got more movement but it is small, Im happy with it.
    Rode a hand cycle this year, fun
    I am lucky to live around other SCI people. I have people I can hang with and it helps alot. If you can find some do it. Care Cure is a great place as well.
    Thanks to all you old pros around here.
    I loved life before SCI.
    I still love it, I work at loving it now. Every day. Do you hear me new SCI people.
    Every Day.

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    Keep up the good work, staying optimistic and finding support. Finding mentors during adjustment is what is all about. You in turn will be a mentor to others.


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    We are just a couple weeks apart, CJ. I got out of rehab 9/23/10 and your post just how I would sum it up, too. The first 6 months or so was hell for me and my wife but we got through it and things are definately getting better. I still feel like a beginner at all of this though and this forum has been helpful beyond description. I don't know anyone else in a chair but I feel like I know a lot of people here even though I haven't posted until now.

    Have you thought about riding your dirt bike again? I got mine set up to ride but then I burned my but on my car seat heater Jan. third and I'm still waiting for it to heal up enough to ride.

    I think you nailed it - "Stay active!"


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    My son Jordan is 10 years on the 28th. I can only speak from the parents point of view, for me it is somewhat better. I have learned to live with the relentless pain that is in my heart. I just move in a robot mode.
    Jordan is doing good, ups and downs, just as you said.

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