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Thread: One of our own on the cover…

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    One of our own on the cover…

    Hello fellow care cure members,

    One of our very own members has been featured in Special Living Magazine. It is a truly inspiring story and you can find it at this link (

    Way to go Wheelz99!
    I'm not short im funsized!

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    Such a great story! We actually will be meeting him at a hunt in Illinois in just a few short weeks. Hope he isn't charging too much for his autograph.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I had never heard of that magazine but it looks really interesting.

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    I enjoyed the story wheelz99.

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    I read the story and then the rest of the magazine. Very cool, 99.

    Two (?) other members are featured in the same issue.
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    Attention HOE!!! JK Congrats...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelz99 View Post
    gonna be sky-high by then!
    Ha Ha.

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    You can get your sky high got a gun!!! HA!!

    Way to go!!!

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