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Thread: constipation/colon cleanser

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    constipation/colon cleanser

    I have been having constipation off and on for months now. My diet is clean and i eat a lot of fiber and hydrate, also am very active. I take senna twice a day, take metamucil every day, and miralax does not even work sometimes when combined when that. the only results i get when constipated is with a laxative, but that often results with an untimely bowel movement. I have been reading up on colon cleansers and Colopril was one held with high regard on reviews. Has anyone else tried a colon cleanser? and what were your results? btw im a T-7 incomplete.

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    I use this product

    and take it in the evening before bed with result in about 6 to 8 hrs. If it's an emergency 1 litre of filtered water with about 4 tbps. of sea salt brings immediate results within 1 hr so make sure on the toilet or commode chair before drinking.
    Dieters tea has the same results within 2 to 3 hours
    6 to 8 hrs. this tea works well too SMOOTH MOVE. I find that the less I eat meat or cooked foods the less constipation I experience plus drinking at least 80 ounces of water tends to keep me going 2x per day late night and early morning. ultra colon cleanse from whole foods market works really well plus detoxing, which I do every 4 months keeps things flowing too.

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    If you mix Metamucil with water and leave it on the table after few minutes it gets very thick. That’s what happens in your digesting system when you drink it. Be careful with the amount of Metamucil what you are taking. I had similar problems with constipation. I reduced the Metamucil to only one glass in the morning after breakfast and I think it helped.

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    I do not have experience with these colon cleansers. Usually I do not recommend them and encourage fiber, fluids and bowel medication. FYI, Miralax usually takes several days to start working.


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    how much fiber (grams) in a day is a good dose? Im thinking of buying some raspberries because i want a high fiber but low carb diet and ive read raspberries have the most fiber with the least carbs......

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