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Thread: My RN Passed away

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    It seems like a good sign that the new nurse called and arranged to meet you so promptly - sure hope you like her. It's dispiriting to have to start from scratch with a new person, especially considering what a special bond you had with Carmen.

    Linda, I hope Dave's aide with have a good result at Mayo - geez, what a thing to happen!

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    i'm sorry to hear this

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    Sorry to read Judy {{{hug}} ! Maybe the new nurse will exceed your expectations - let go and let god is what I say when I can't control a situation !

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    sorry for your loss judy.

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    Praying for you, Judy and for Carmen's family and friends...

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    So sorry Judy...(((hugs)))
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    I met the new Nurse She was kool I am like a timid ol dog

    just have a trust issue I guess you can call it

    It seems like a dream I cant believe My Friend Carmen is gone and I know it sounds dumb but Starting over from square 1 just is very hard

    She was a great person

    Sorry I am rambling on

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    I am so glad to hear that you like the new nurse! It will be hard to get along without Carmen since she was your friend as well as your nurse, and starting from square one is tiring - but it sounds like it might not be nearly as tough as you feared. Here's to a great relationship with your new nurse!

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