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Thread: Spinal Cord Research- You can Help- Please Read

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    Spinal Cord Research- You can Help- Please Read

    Hello all,

    I'm new to the forums. My dad had a C3-C4 injury almost a year ago to the day, which has prompted this post. I obviously feel fairly helpless against this debilitating condition and have newly resolved to help solve SCI / Neurogenesis any way I can. I was also inspired by gamers' mapping of the protein HIV uses to relicate. They did it in three weeks! I'm not anticipating that kind of quickness, but I do think we as a group can help organize SCI research and give researchers a tool.

    I feel like the best way to do that is a mindmap, which you can view here:

    I think if everyone signs up for Mindomo and helps update this map, we can help the SCI research effort.
    I don't mean to say we can duplicate the clinical trials or years of experience of brilliant neuroscientists, but we can edit the mindmap on a collective basis.. Anyone will be free to edit it, but I encourage you all to do local saving in the unlikely case of vandalism. If we do that, we can more easily document relationships between clinical trials, inhibitory factors, potential growth factors, that searching is made easier for researchers. Additionally, it will be harder for promising developments to be overlooked.

    Please pass this on to anyone you know, especially neuroscientists. I really feel like it could help all of our efforts. I have already changed permissions to allow anyone to edit the map. Please also post this anywhere you like. Once signed up, you can search for the map by typing in 'SolveSCI'

    Thank you and it's nice to be part of this community,


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    Wow, that map is totally awesome! I'm impressed. Thanks for posting it.

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    I couldn't get your link to open but found the SCI map through the main site anyway. This is the link specific to SCI

    Very interesting idea.

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    Now that is a very interesting concept.

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    very cool.
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