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Thread: Anyone here ever been published?

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    Anyone here ever been published?

    I'm not sure if this is in the correct category or not, but here it is. Have any of my fellow members ever written a book and been published? I wrote a children's story some time ago and I have sent it to two different publishers, but received no response. I don't have the means to hire an agent and there are only a few publishers who take open submissions. Everyone who's read it really liked it, albeit they were family and friends, but I feel it would make a great little illustrated children's book. I know that its only a story book, but as things are going in my life, a published story will likely be the only thing of me that lives on after I'm gone. I know it's vanity, but I want/need some sort of legacy. So I'm asking... anyone know a book agent or publisher that might at least give my story a read?

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    i think amazon offers a service to self publish. something to look into...
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    You could try self publishing and marketing through a site like this if you have confidence in your product and a little cash.

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    I've considered self-publishing, but I was hoping to succeed on the old-fashioned route first.

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    I'm working on it right now; my book should be finished by the end of the year. We are working on getting it into Lifeway Christian Stores. I'll keep you updated and help if I can.
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    Member Rusty James has had several novels published.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane_G View Post
    I'm working on it right now; my book should be finished by the end of the year. We are working on getting it into Lifeway Christian Stores. I'll keep you updated and help if I can.
    Thanks... I'm not sure if a Christian store would be interested in my book about a skunk and an elephant that fall in love at the zoo, but I'll take what I can get.

    Good luck on yours, by the way.

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    I've had a couple of computer programming books published (late 80's). Things were different then, but I sent a short synopsis to the publisher (Tab Books) and they bought in and actually sent me an advance! My books never sold a lot stateside, but for some reason they went really well in South Africa...and, of course, I only got US royalties.

    There is an encyclopedia like book published every year that lists all the publishers and what kind of books/stories they buy. Wish I could remember the name...

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    Look on Writers Digest .com. They have tips for getting your book published, or even looked at by a publisher. They publish a magazine and books which of course, they will try to sell to you, but they have some free resources as well.

    It is one place to start and they have competitions for certain types of books but I'm not sure that childrens books ar among the sought after on the site.
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    I've published poems , sold songs yrs back It was fun

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