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Thread: What are the Must Haves for a Kitchen ?

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    What are the Must Haves for a Kitchen ?

    I fixed the roof and now it is the whole kitchen.

    Any features or appliances that make sense for a T-7 in a small galley style kitchen...

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    Wheel under sink is a must.

    I regret not getting a wheel under stove top and a wall oven ... I have just a standard electric stove with the knobs at the back and it's too high for me to see into a saucepan so I always have to remove it, stir and look and then put it back. (Just annoying, not a real problem that I can't live with).

    Adequate storage because mine is set up for someone who stands leaving me with two bottom shelves that I can just reach and 3 cupboards on the bottom that are jam-packed.
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    There have been a number of thread about kitchen design. Here are just a few. Try searching Care Cure Community for more threads.

    All the best,

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    Love my wheel under stove. Oven and microwave are inset in a cupboard design by Ikea.

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