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Thread: Medicare and replacing LAL mattress

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    Medicare and replacing LAL mattress

    Some of you may recall my thread in Care re my ongoing adventure trying to get my mattress replaced. For those that don't, here's the story: In December, 2008, I went to the hospital with a Stage IV butt sore, and one on my spine (both were actually healing by that point after a wound nurse change, but relatives were worried about the slow healing, so...) I was prescribed a low air loss, lateral rotation mattress. The DME that whomever contacted provided a CliniDyne mattress. It was great. Unfortunately, it died earlier this summer.

    So, the DME tried to get replacement parts to repair it. Found out that the company had gone out of business, so no parts (I later called the company, and found out they'd been purchased by Stryker and no longer made mattresses.) DME sent me a non-LAL, non-rotating, alternating pressure mattress. They no longer offer any LAL mattresses. Not what I need! I'm alone at night, and can't turn myself.

    Wound on butt started opening a bit. Called Visiting Nurses, got back into wound care. They tried to get me what I need. Got nowhere. I called Medicare again today. They told me what they told VNA - because I hadn't had the mattress for five years, they only repair, not replace. BUT THE FREAKING THING COULDN'T BE REPAIRED - THERE WERE NO PARTS AVAILABLE BECAUSE THE COMPANY IS DEAD!!! I'm telling the poor Medicare lady this fact over and over, she's telling me Medicare will only pay for repair, and looking for the names of DME dealers near me to ask about repairing the mattress, which I no longer have. Fine, if repair is possible, but it isn't! So I'm supposed to likely watch my sores get worse again, and develop pneumonia from always laying flat for the next 2.5 years?

    I called my Senator's office. Nothing they can do.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    In your situation, the original DME (the one that supplied your mattress) is responsible to replace at their cost.

    If I was your dealer, I would demand a new mattress from Stryker or my money back....
    Then buy a new rotating mattress and give it to you. Just saying what I would do.....

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