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Thread: Please keep my wife in your prayers!

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    I hope things went as well as possible!!!!!! Thoughts and prayers for her (and you)!!!

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    Surgery went well and I brought her home yesterday. Thanks Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great news!
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    Fabulous! Wonderful to hear!

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    Good news Duge. Now give her lots of TLC.

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    So glad everything went well!

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    Good thoughts coming your way!
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    Thanks everyone! She's still hurting and kinda has a sicky feeling. Not sure how long that will last she was sick the whole 2 hour ride home yesterday. We took the dressing or her this am and it all looks good so Hopefully she's on the road to recovery now!

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    You've both been through such a lot, I hope you'll be able to get some rest now. It's wonderful she's home, and it doesn't surprise me that she's still feeling a little rocky.

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    Good to hear duge.

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