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Thread: Good Morning Everyone !!!

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    Smile Good Morning Everyone !!!

    Hi Gang
    I woke up in a good mood and wanted to say Good Morning everyone

    Finally we got some rain which is great for texas

    Here I am sitting in my recliner watching some television / a Football game I am just listening to the show as I have no intrest
    in Football Arizona vs Minnesotta
    The noise just gives me a way to focus on something to help me with my migraine .

    Needless I just hope you all have a nice day

    Sincerely ;
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    Good Morning to you dear too GL.
    My sister is at the game you are talking about.
    We also got some rain, only had 1/4 inch in Sept here.
    Dry, but not like TX. Must have been my crazy rain dance in the cul-de-sac late last night.
    Really it is dead end since they built nothing else.

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    Thank you for your Rain Dance Linda / Dave
    I knew you / Dave were sending me smoke signals while going in circles in your cul de sac doing the Rain Dance .
    It worked

    We need like at least a months more solid rain to help our water problems here

    This was the first time we had a good rain Felt good ... Bad for my Arthritis but I am more concerned for our States water problems ...
    As you all can see I put others before me .

    hugs to Dave / You

    Sincerely ; GL

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