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Thread: external condom cath advice

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    external condom cath advice

    It's happening too often that after a nights sleep a massive amount of urine leaks, it is not only due to UTI's. i may have damaged the splintcher while trying to pull out an indwelling folly, i forgot that this was anchored inside the bladder
    I would like to start sleeping with a condom cath att to a leg bag instead of using male brief diapers. it is important that they do not fall off and are reusable as 2 diapers a day is quite costly. again sleeping all night in a wet diaper is not good for UTI's

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    External condom caths are not reusable, you'd stick it on at night and chuck it away in the morning unless you decide to use it as your day time bladder management system in which case it will last 24hrs.

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    I have seen people reuse external condom catheters that are not self-adhesive. It is not easy, and the condom can tear when removing the adhesive you add (or tape). A Maguire Urinal is a type of external designed to be reused, but they can leak more easily, and may cause more serious skin problems, plus I have only seen them in latex (a problem if you have a latex allergy).

    External condom catheters are not free of the risks of UTI, in fact may actually increase the risk over padding. Voiding with high pressures is a much more likely cause of frequent UTIs. Have you had recent urodynamics?

    Is there some reason you cannot get on medication that keeps you dry between caths? Have you had a sphincterotomy? Have you explored bladder Botox?


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    3 years of condom cath

    I have been using the external/condom cath for just over 3 years. They, most of the time, last the night through. And if used as a day time leak protection, must be checked quite regularly. Every time you adjust your body or transfer you must reach into your pants and check that you have not detached the device. This also goes for sleeping. I have a schedule to my sleep now that I turn over about every hour or two. You must be very careful not to put too much tension on any hoses that may be attached down there. This will cause the device to fail also.
    I tend to leak after about an hour or two after cath and it is just not an option to cath 20 times per day so the condom cath with leg bag during day and a large bedside bag at night seems to work for the most part. Very few skin problems to report after 3 years of use. Just a note: I go through about 40 per month. Using a skin prep wipe before applying seems to help to get a few more hours of wear time out of the condom cath.
    I have questions about the Botox treatment. I have had the dynamics testing and was told I am a good candidate for the Botox. I would like to talk to some others that have had this treatment before trying for myself.
    Good luck with what ever you choose.

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