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Thread: Justin hit by semi, but is ok

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    Bethany, glad your atepson and girlfrend wearing dear belts? Glad to know there were no serious injuries.
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    Whew! Glad you and yours are fine, Betheny.

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    So glad everyone is ok....hugs to you
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    Wow, your ability to cope is amazing.((hugs)))
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    Oy ..... Beth .... {{{hug}}}
    Obviously someone has bigger plans for Jake .. thank gawd for the truck armour ! Keep those angels close sweetie - maybe you need to burn more sage - there's gotta be a few healers around there that can help you out !!

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    \_/ \_/ <----double shots
    Sorry, Bethany :/
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    A bullet well and truly dodged thank Gawd!

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    omg! i'm glad everyone is ok!
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    OMG ^100. I am so so glad everyone is okay!! Betheny, you are so well overdue for your torrential storms to yield to a few years of midnight sun. I am imploring the universe in that direction.
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    I am so happy Justin and his girlfriend are ok. It seems like it was a meaning behind keeping Steve's car. Hugs to you and Justin.
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