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Thread: C1 & C2 Injury

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    She is still at UC Irvine? No one has the right to take her off the vent or other treatments that are considered life support without family or patient consent (did she have a durable power of attorney for health care?). Have you requested an ethics team consult? You may need to get an attorney, or even go to the media.


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    Other people's stories are not going to convince the hospital. You need good legal advice, pronto - as in ASAP, immediately. Initial consultations are usually done at no charge. The hospital can only be stopped by threat of legal action if they are determined to override your wishes. It seems pretty clear that your mother needs to be transferred to another facility, if only for skilled observation. In your shoes, I would call the local bar association for referral to a malpractice attorney (or whatever other specialty might apply).

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    She is at Kaiser in Anaheim. The doctor told me yesterday that they would not do chest compressions and they were going to take her off Dopamin, but this medicine has been helping her with heart heart rate and blood pressure so we are scared. She still has it but only very little and they are slowly taking it off. Her heart rate has dropped below 40 when she didn't have it in the past.

    She had no power of attorney for health care written. Not sure if this helps, but she is a Christian, so religious wise it is clear what her wishes are and her family.

    I am meeting with the ethics person from Kaiser tomorrow.

    Yes, we want her out of that hospital but they said no doctor will take her because of the liability and her current condition. She has Kaiser insurance so we feel trapped. I just applied for Medical for her as well.

    Media and legal advice-Good ideas. Will start working on these.

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    The in-house ethics consultation is a place to begin, but don't go alone - have a witness with you, and take notes.

    See if your mother's insurance policy includes the option to obtain an independent second opinion - many of them do. The doctor needs to be one of your choosing, not a mouthpiece for the hospital.

    Consult an attorney right away, no matter what you do. The hospital and insurance company have teams of lawyers protecting their interests, and lay people can't match them for firepower. Obtain professional legal counsel.

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    It might be a good idea to have a video camera at hand so you can video her responses to you if she blinks on command. That is strong and compelling evidence. Of course it can be strong and compelling both ways if she does not respond so make your own decision on that!!!

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I know there are people here that wish they could give you answers to your questions. Your mom's future is not known to any of us. I encourage you as a Christian to take the questions no one can answer to Him on your knees. Keep praying and keep asking questions here. We all feel compassion for you.

    L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!

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    The ethics consultation was today, so it's doubtful Gabriela could have found an attorney in time to attend the meeting - but any future consultations should certainly include a lawyer. In the meantime, Gabriela, document everything. Make notes promptly after every encounter with hospital personnel - dates, times, names, circumstances.

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    Thank you all for your support and guidance. It was an immense help. After meetings with Ethics and Doctors, they have decided to leave us alone and support our decision. Not sure if we got through to them or they were afraid of a lawsuit; but at least they know we are not going to back away. We also filed a grievance and are getting an independent review. I think this made me realize how important it is for everyone to have a strong advocate or seek legal help.

    I am finally getting some time today to go buy a video camera as I think this is a great idea to record her awareness. Yes, thanks I am documenting everything. She still has an infection and fever so she is kind of out of it because of more meds.

    Will keep you all update in the days to come.


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    Maybe they saw your determination, sincereness and unity as a family.

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    I am very glad to hear that you have made progress, Gabriela, and that you have filed a grievance and begun the process of gaining an independent review. I don't know if you have obtained legal counsel or if you have initiated these steps on your own, but I urge you to have an attorney on-board who can advise you as to your rights and answer specific questions in the days ahead. You are correct, it is of utmost importance for people to have strong advocates and legal counsel regarding health matters, especially when situations are as complex as the one you and your family are facing.

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    Oh Yes, an attorney is going to help us as I am sure there will be more need in the future. I wish I had gotten one earlier, but at least we are on top of it now. It is so sad but I have come to realize that hospitals/doctors (insurances) don't consider the lives of someone who they determine will be a quadriplegic as having a quality of life worth fighting for. I think people like my mom should have more care and medical attention. No one chooses to be in this medical condition and one shouldn't have to justify why we want preserve their lives.

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