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Thread: Justin hit by semi, but is ok

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    Justin hit by semi, but is ok

    Justin is my stepson. His gf was driving Steve's big Dodge Ram Hemi, that I've been telling them to trade since Steve died. It was pouring rain. Allthe oil on the road from this dry spell floated to the top.

    She spun out entering the interstate, was knocked unconscious. Gravity forced her to gas it, Jus grabbed the wheel. I was on my way home from the bookstore. Saw them, hyperventilated.Still can't breathe.

    My life is flashing in front of my eyes.

    I got 99 problems, and a dead kid ain't one.

    Thank you, God.

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    OMG Bethany!
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    I'm glad the worst was averted.

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    Sorry to hear about this and the fact you saw it too. Glad to hear your stepson is ok!

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    omg , you saw it too,are they ok? betheny i hurt for you , keep us informed icant even say take a double shot to calm down and relax and breathe with your medicals,take care my Favorited okie, karl is #2 of the okies, we need to ge back together again
    cauda equina

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    Glad he's okay. You have some really dramatic things happen to people around you, betheny.

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    I need double shots!

    I didn't see it happen, but saw them in the ditch (more like a canyon.) I can't BELIEVE that truck didn't roll. I'm not sure I've ever seen a passenger vehicle hit by a semi that didn't involve dead passengers. (Except once w/ my little brother. In a way, I have good luck, for a person whose loved ones insist on colliding w/ semi trucks.)

    I've seen SO. MANY. BODIES. at work, semis are like freight trains, and they never slow down, the assholes. The irony is that Justin is a truckdriver!

    Jake says all is well, quit being dramatic, but fuck man, I can't breathe!

    I've cursed that beast of a pickup for 8 years, the gas-guzzling bitch. and I am so glad they were driving it, or they'd be splattered all over I-40.

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    Dan-"May you live in interesting times" is said to be an ancient Chinese curse. I'm not sure what ancient Chinese person I pissed off. But I'll take interesting over tragic!'s a good thing. Hard-earned, in my case, but good nonetheless.

    They're both ok, Jay (the gf) seems a bit dazed. We're gonna have insurance troubles, and the truck may be worth more dead than alive. LOL, I just put new tags on it on Thursday, planned to sign it over to Jus last week. Except my worthless lawyer got fired, and so on. Gawdamighty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    I've cursed that beast of a pickup for 8 years, the gas-guzzling bitch. and I am so glad they were driving it, or they'd be splattered all over I-40.
    When I read this, I was thankful for that truck! Glad they're okay!
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    also thankful for Justins quick reflexes, grabbing the wheel. YIKES, I cant imagine how that felt for you coming up on that scene. so glad you are all ok.

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