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Thread: Defining a cure! what are your expectations?

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    When I was first injured, fourteen years and five days ago, I had an expectation that a cure would happen in my lifetime and defined a cure as being completely fixed. When I first found CC I looked at the Cure forums and hardly looked at the other forums. Now I have stopped expecting today to be the day that a cure is announced so I check the cure forums with less of a sense of urgency.
    I still have hope that a cure might, possibly happen in my lifetime. My defintion is still the same but now I would be ecstatic if only a partial cure were available. For now, even if I just recovered enough sensation that going to the toilet was a result of feeling the need to rather than because it was part of a schedule and if I was not worried about being ambushed by pressure sores that would be fantastic. Walking would be excellent and I am still convinced that it will be the normal state of recovery from SCI within the next few decades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky View Post

    I agree. These same predictions, recovery expectations, and close proximity to a cure were posted back in 2002 by many forum members based on the work of Giles Plant in Australia, John McDonald, Carlos Lima, and others.
    Somehow I doubt revisiting a topic after 9 years is going to traumatize anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumbleweeds View Post
    Somehow I doubt revisiting a topic after 9 years is going to traumatize anyone.
    Yes i have read them too and learned a lot about realistic expectations.
    However i refuse to be only takes that one good solid breakthrough for a tidal wave of researchers and medical companies to ride this this wagon.

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    That is a cure:

    The rest is just a big amout of.... guess what?
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    good commercial, but it's almost 11 years old and still no reality to it... So what
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    cure coming????

    Quote Originally Posted by lunasicc42 View Post
    good commercial, but it's almost 11 years old and still no reality to it... So what

    i look at it as a slow cancer, it saps your will with the consitent pain. no matter what you do the light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train
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    Well I guess I was wrong.

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