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Thread: FS: Roho High Profile wheelchair cushion and other supplies

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    FS: Roho High Profile wheelchair cushion and other supplies

    I looked through my storage unit this week and found some more stuff to sell:
    1. Roho High Profile wheelchair cushion, 18x18. This is in excellent condition. The cover does not have any rips or tears, the cushion has not had any leaks at all. It has been kept in a storage container in storage since the beginning of the year wrapped with bubble wrap to keep it safe.
    $50.00 plus shipping

    2. a pair of SunRims wheelchair wheels that are standard 24-inch wheels. These wheels are just the wheels: no handrims, tube/tire, or the quick-release button. They would be good as backup wheels for sports chairs.
    $20.00 plus shipping

    3. a pair of Quickie desk-length, height-adjustable armrests. These were off of my old Quickie LXI wheelchair and I don't need them anymore. They are in excellent condition and have no rips, tears, or dents. These would fit a folding chair easily. From my experience, these DO NOT fit most rigid frame chairs.
    $25.00 plus shipping

    4. Jay Adjustable Solid Seat kit. This was bought, assembled, but never used. My parents bought it, thinking it would help with my back pain, but I never got around to using it, and its taking up space. It is in brand-new, perfect condition. This seat can be used on a folding or rigid frame and turns your seat into a solid seat that can be adjusted, so its more comfrotable and doesn't cause cushions to hammock. It will adjust up to 20-inches wide, according to the booklet I received with it.
    $50.00 plus shipping

    Message me if you are interested in ANY of these items. I will try and get pictures up for each item, if my computer cooperates.

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    Anyone interested in these items? They are still available.

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    Jay Adjustable Solid Seat has been SOLD! Thanks!

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    Still got the first 3 items on this list above for sale. Anyone need anything for a low price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbagump View Post
    Still got the first 3 items on this list above for sale. Anyone need anything for a low price?
    ROHO cushion has just been sold. Thanks!!

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