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Thread: Emotions very high and low anybody else

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    Emotions very high and low anybody else

    Some days I feel on top of the world. But there is a little voice inside my head that Say's, careful if you feel to good then the bad days will be worse. I just ignore that voice as best as I can. There does seem to be some kind of pattern there. Well its only been 81/2 mouth since my nerve was compressed 80 percent. And this up and down emotion has been slowly getting better. Was wondering how some of you longer post folks are doing in this regard...Thanks
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    I wonder if it may have something to do with your Serotonin levels. I was told that we with SCI may have trouble regulating it.

    For me, it was much the same; ups and downs. Once I got into counseling, it was determined that my Serotonin uptake was disrupted. I take Wellbutrin and that has helped a lot. I still get the ups and downs, just not as severe. I also know from my counseling sessions that the downs will get better. I can time them on a calender they are so regular.

    You could start by marking the days and your attitudes on a calender. That way you could see if there is a pattern happening or not.

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    Flying, You're not alone on this rollercoaster. I am 34 years post and some of this seems to be getting easier with age.
    I am not sure if it’s the fact of becoming more accustom to who I am or feeling more secure with age.
    Things that would set me off years ago are more easily dismissed now.
    One big adjustment for me was giving up drinking six years ago. This has helped me to level out the highs and lows.
    Cold/wet dreary weather will also drag me down. I am not sure if it’s the aching joints or just the feeling of being unmotivated and trapped inside.
    Exercise tends to be one of my biggest aids in feeling alive. Getting out and away from electronic gadgets and taking in the surrounding stimuli.
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