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Thread: Jury box not accessible/no jury duty

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    Jury box not accessible/no jury duty

    I got a notice for County Circuit Court jury duty a couple of days ago. I faxed in a question and today got dismissed from jury duty by the court clerk.

    My question was, are the jury boxes accessible now since they weren't when I last did jury duty?

    Apparently they are not. I like jury duty. It gives me something to do.

    What should I do about this? It is discriminatory to people who are in wheelchairs. What the hell, a County public building is not completely accessible. That's not right.
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    I got turned down for the same reason and I had to ask the judge or tell him if the jury boxes wheelchair accessible.
    He said no and would take me off the list forever.
    Did want to get in his face about it.....but you never know when you may need em on r side.
    So I said ok and that was the end of it.

    Discrimination you bet....not in the court house eyes tho.
    Another slap in the face of SCI.


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    I (AB) was on a jury twice in the last 5 years. There was a gentleman who used a scooter and needed to take an elevator up to the courtroom from the juror room to box. There was a small back stairway for us.
    He had a separate bailiff with him for the few minutes we were apart and slid to a chair on the end of the bottom row. There would have been room for a wc there too.
    There was plenty of room in the deliberation room for a wc.
    I would complain Skippy. Unless this is some rickety building built in the stone age I don't get it.
    I'm sure they would manage to get disabled people who were witnesses into the courtroom.

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