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    need some help

    i got a chest cold on sept. 9 i told myself i'm going to burn it out. so i eat everything hot that i could. bang it worked 4 days later gone i was very happy fastest cold i ever had 5 days later bang back with a force and a fever. 2 weeks later i go to the doctor to get a scrip refilled he hears me cough and gives some anti-bodies for a chest infection. this is something that hasn't happen since rehab i haven't had a bowel program in a week. i'm still hacking up brown and green stuff. my fever has finally gone but i'm still not eating much of anything i only had one meal in a week. i've been eating crackers and a egg sandwich when i can but i don't have much of appetite i think it's because i have been drinking so much i fill full. I'm getting worried about my bowls not moving. anybody been here before? any help! please
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    well if you're eating so little it would definitely explain the bowls not moving.. especially if you've been throwing a lot of food up.

    It's important to keep yourself hydrated and fed without doing too much. If you drink too much water your body will throw it up, if you don't drink any your body's going to take much longer repairing itself and cause you potentially further problems. It's the same with food.

    The best thing to do would be to very slowly drink sips of water to give your body just enough water to function, and do the same with food - but don't overdo.

    Believe me I've been there, I had food poisoning in malaysia, i was in a mall on crutches.. and i.. released from both ends.. and i couldnt even make it to the bathroom. Yes, the 2nd worst day in my entire life apart from my accident. Humiliating levels set to maximum.

    I think small amounts of crackers and water but not overdoing it is the best thing you should be doing.
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    finally back to normal whatever normal means.
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