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Thread: Monkeys use mind control to move a virtual arm and experience touch

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    Quote Originally Posted by NowhereMan View Post
    You guys need to understand that this technology, not this exact prototype, is our "cure" in any foreseeable future.

    I' rather have an exoskeleton that is controlled by my mind that allows me to go almost anywhere than to sit in a chair with wheels that is restrained by the slightest obstacle.
    You should get out of your house more often.
    Don't ask what clinical trials can do for you, ask what you can do for clinical trials.

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    Every line of research is important. And what they are doing is wonderfull. So, see what these people are doing as bad research is, in my opinion, insane. We have to wait to see where their research will end and who they will help.

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    I'd use it in combo with regenerative medicine.

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    I'll take it!

    Cut off my dead arm and give me a robotic one that I can FEEL with please!
    I would happily go kayaking, rafting, arm wrestling, hand stands, full hugs, slap some ass... again you name it!

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