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    ghost pain

    I had surgery to remove a mole that went renegade. It was one of the most painful things I have had to have done.
    I still get a ghost pain like there is still a new incision on my foot. two years later. It feels more burny, but very much like the wound did when it was still stiched and unhealed. I know its going to be a burny stabby night when that starts in.

    I get the feeling of the break in my tailbone when I sit on a hard surface, and feel my broken ribs, though all are healed now.

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    Hi Jody
    Ghost pains definitely are weird and unreal
    12 yrs back I had 6 fingers -( digits ) reattached and pins in my wrist

    My arm was a mess and all these yrs later I still have ghost pains
    Especially My fingers are numb etc... my wrist alway's bothers me


    I hope you feel better

    If I win the lotto i'll have us both fixed up

    Sincerely ;

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    I had a accident several years ago where I almost lost my hand. They told me that in about 10 years I would start to experience signs of Arthitis. Well I belive that they I am starting to show signs of it. I had one Doctor say that maybe the pins should be removed. I also had another Doctor say that maybe that the upper portion of my hand should be removed. That way I would have more mobility and maybe the pain would go away. Also has any one ever heard of a Hip Scope and are they worth having.

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