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Thread: Insurance question

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    I have a single-member LLC & have health coverage through BCBS via a group policy connected to the business. The group designation can have as little as 1 member depending on the insurer. I'm paying < $220/mo for it. My wife has her own coverage through a different insurer.

    I'm 31 y/o, C6/7 SCI since '99.
    I'm curious if you don't mind me asking Scott. Do you have a high deductable?
    BCBS denied me single coverage after I had them for 18 years. The last 10 through my last employer and before that when my employer of 17 years stopped being self insured and we all got BCBS as a group.
    I'm over 50 which makes a difference of course.
    Ended up with Medica Encore for $368 mo with $4000 deductable.
    My old employer offered flex spending account and my premium was before taxes. Having a hard time getting that now.
    I am AB with preexisitng conditions.
    The worst was losing the benefits for hubby. Medicaid and Medicare are much more restrictive.

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    $2500 deductible in-network, $5000 out-of-network.

    Age does make a difference. Same policy would be $600+/mo if I were 50+.

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    Thanks scott, Glad you did not think I was being nosey. Insurance has been one of the more frustrating things for me since having to leave my job and COBRA running out.
    My plan does not have maternity benefits or the premium would be higher.
    (Good grief, at my age that would be a calamity and imacculate conception all at once!)

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    No problem. Insurance is one of my biggest headaches as well. I understand.

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