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Thread: Insurance question

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    Insurance question

    I am a full time software engineer and my company provides a great insurance program that pays for catheters, etc... practically anything i need.. ( t-6 para)

    I am thinking about quitting my job and starting my own company.. In the first few years, i am afraid not to make as much as i do now, but my real concern is the insurance..

    My first question is , will insurance companies accept me? If yes, will they pay for my catheters etc.. as those seem to add up. and i know he cost changes a lot based on your coverage, but around how much i am looking at for a decent health insurance?

    Thank you
    Age: 23, Male, T-6, Student

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    Hi "OGD,"
    Here is a thread that appeared earlier in the year on Care Cure Community:

    All the best,

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    If Obamacare does not get nuked, the insurance companies will have to take you.
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
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    My sister has Anthem Blue Cross EPO through LA Unified. This is the top tier program for medical coverage/insurance. She has nothing but problems whenever she needs approval for medical necessities. The point I'm making is that her insurance company doesn't want to pay for anything. I think this is starting to become the norm these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PN View Post
    ...her insurance company doesn't want to pay for anything. I think this is starting to become the norm these days.
    This has been my previous experience in spades. Sans Obama, you have to be prepared just to fight like hell, and not fold. I have found that you must just keep appealing until you get to the medical director --an actual doctor--who may well see the lunacy of the denial and legitimacy of your need. Stay polite but assertive and persistent. I really feel for those you haven't the verbal and fortitudinal (try to pretend my use of the latter--to which Word is angrily objecting with the full force of its red squiggly--does not betray the former claim) resources that I do. They must just perpetually be screwed.

    That was just tiredness.

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    Good luck finding private insurance with any pre existing conditions.
    It is a couple years til health care reform can do anything about it for adults.
    Thankfully it changed for kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    If Obamacare does not get nuked, the insurance companies will have to take you.
    I don't think that part is for a couple of years Donno.

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    You will be denied if you apply for an individual policy. Many states, however, have a high-risk insurance pool through which you can get coverage -- paraplegia/quadriplegia is an automatic qualifier. These pools are different from Obamacare. Whether you can get those things covered depends entirely on the plan. Pool coverage is very expensive.

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    Another option would be to get married (if your not), go on your wife's insurance. Start your business and stay on her insurance.

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    I have a single-member LLC & have health coverage through BCBS via a group policy connected to the business. The group designation can have as little as 1 member depending on the insurer. I'm paying < $220/mo for it. My wife has her own coverage through a different insurer.

    I'm 31 y/o, C6/7 SCI since '99.

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