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    MTS Omegatrac

    We know that Next Mobility was taken over by Miller Technicial Services, a company with no wheelchair experience.

    I have been calling and e-mailing them for the past year in an attempt to make contact with one of their manufacturers reps.
    Well it seems that they only have one for the entire country and she handles everything, including all the expos and such. She dosen't even bring any of the wheelchairs and depends on local DME's to supply what she needs. Don't think such a good idea.

    Finally after MTS not answering or ignoring repeaded messages from me and the VA seating clinition, there is a kind of breakthrough. Chris, the woman who answers the phone actually has order forms available and even a special one for the VA.

    So it appeaars that all folks need to do is fill the forms out, submit them, pay a small fortune and the chair will be theirs after the appropriate wait time.

    There are two significant changes to the Omegatrac, the electronics have been down graded from LiberT to P&G which sucks big time. As a quad, any controller with raised buttons creats a possible catstrophe. It is impossible to steer a powerchair with dead fingers without hitting the buttons and just one contact with the on/off button at full speed can kill someone. The Premier controller on my chair has a smooth face and has never failed in 6 years. Also the Actiback which was standard, now is an upgrade and cost around 350 bucks.

    The Omegatrac is not for everyone. It is heavy but that makes for a low center of gravity which is critical for off pavement use and I thank TEFTEC everytime I need to run off the road at speed, to avoid a log truck. There are significant drop offs from the pavement onto the disapearing road edges. It has the best suspension of any powerchair with 4 inches of lift, controlable front and rear with an onboard air compressor.

    Only time will tell if what other changes MTS made to the wheelchair will hold up or not and if their service is worth a dam.
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