Hey everyone!
I am a student at USF doing my honors thesis on active employment for those confined to a wheelchair. I am currently working on a design for my final engineering class (I am a mechanical engineering major), of a rickshaw or pedicab platform that a wheelchair could roll onto and control and steer so that this industry would not be restricted to just those who can pedal a bike with their feet. The current design is based for people in standard manual wheelchairs, who are comfortable propelling themselves in a fitness conscious manner, aka using two ski like poles to pump back and forth for power.

For my thesis, I am attempting a survey of interest and thoughts on this type of work. A gentleman requested it for my project, but I would like to know other community thoughts on this sort of thing.

Please comment on any and every thought you have about employment in this field of local, Eco-friendly transportation and if you do not mind, an approx age (15-25, 26-36, 37-50,51-70,70+) and active level (if you play basketball 5 times a week (very active) or prefer more tame activities like reading (not active), and anything in between (somewhat active or somewhat lethargic/not active).

Thank you so much for your help and PM me with any questions or extra comments.