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Thread: Self Install WrightWay Handcontrols????

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    Self Install WrightWay Handcontrols????

    I have a set of old Wrightway hand controls and I want to install them in a Polaris RZR. Since Wrightway sold out to another company, the new company will not touch the old controls (and neither will any other company in the area) and everyone wants to charge me around $1000 to install a new set.

    I have a set of temporary controls in the buggy at the moment but they don't work that well.

    Does anyone have any instructions on how to install a set of Wrightway controls. It doesn't look that hard but a little guidance would help.


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    Call Darryl at Lift Aids in Euless... They'll hook you up... They install on everything and anything... Tell them Brian sent you.... They do most of my installs and will surely help you out without soaking you on the price.... Check out some of their custom installs while you are there and next time you need a conversion give them a call...

    BTW, I had a set of WrightWay controls way back when and they sucked(to put it mildly)... maybe they are better now, but they may have some used take-offs at Lift Aids that they would install cheap... A used, cheap Sure-Grip, MPD or Monarch set of controls would be much better than WrightWay IMHO... There is so much slack in WrightWay controls that I'm afraid you wouldn't enjoy them in a RZR.... My brother races Supercross/Arenacross and has a track at his house... takes me out in his RZR on track and I really respect what those machines are capable of.... If I was driving I would want a stable set of controls (I can barely hold onto the grab bar when landing off of the table tops we clear).....

    Either way, give the guys at Lift Aids a chance.... They are a classy outfit.

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    I checked on the internet for you incase you'd perhaps missed anything and there didn't seem to be much if anything.. do you know what controls they're similar to at all?
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    BriRi... Thanks for the info. I met the guys in Euless and yes, they are a great bunch of guys. I have been in a W/C for 35 years and have had many different types of controls and the main problem I've found with Wrightways is that if the installer did a sloppy job, then yes, there is a lot of slop. The one thing I really like is their gear reduction which will help with he RZR. The RZR has a very short throttle, so this give me more control.

    Johnny, thanks for looking... I spent a few days looking myself and couldn't find anything either. I was hoping there was an "old installer" on the forum.

    I've fabricated the mounting brackets this week and will install tomorrow. I'll take pics and post them when I'm done. I've been looking at the controls for a week, taking measurements, and this is not "rocket science" by and stretch of the imagination.... The main thing is to have the mounting bracket stable, mount the floor plate, then attach the brake and throttle....

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    Installed them this weekend

    I (well, my 12yo son and myself) installed the Wrightway controls this weekend and it took about 12 hours. Learned alot in the process... If you want to do this yourself in the future, here's the process that I followed:
    1. Build the brackets that will mount the controls to the under dash of your vehicle. I used 1/8 in thick shelving material from Home Depot... Very stout...
    2. Mount the bracket (finger tight) and measure distance from the bracket to the firewall where the control will mount to the floor. Compare that measurement to the mounting hardware on the controls. You may need to fabricate an additional bracket. I didn't, the measurements matched pretty close.
    3. Mount the control to the under dash bracket (finger tight)
    4. Place the lower end of the controls at the firewall, drill and mount. Be sure to check the back side of the firewall so that the drill bit doesn't hit something important.
    5. Mount the brake adapter bracket to the brake and attach the brake. Do not make the final adjustments at this time because they will be off when all of the brackets are tightened.
    6. Mount the adapter brackets to the gas peddle, then mount the gas linkage.
    7. Now tighten all of the brackets with a wrench, socket, etc... Once tightened, the gas, brake and height adjustments will become clear.
    8. I adjusted the Brake first. It is a threaded rod so all I had to do was unscrew it 2 inches.
    9. Next I adjusted the gas. It was a little more involved. The wrightway controls have a gear system, a stop screw and a threaded rod to adjust the height. I first adjusted the stop screw, then the gear mechanisms (to insure the control had plenty of travel), and finally the threaded rod to fine tune the throttle...
    10. Then I went over all of the nuts with a wrench one more time to insure everything was tightened.

    I must say, doing it myself, I have it fitting me "like a glove" and am really pleased with the results. It wasn't that hard... Just take your time and don't get in a hurry.... Oh and, one more thing, I'm a C7 quad so I buy 4 times the amount of nuts and bolts I need because of all the stuff I drop and also have an extra set of hands close buy to help hold stuff in place while things get bolted together and to help with those hard to reach places ...

    Here's a few pics of the final results...

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