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Thread: Bladder spasms when prone (urethral draining)

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    Bladder spasms when prone (urethral draining)

    Kind of a double whammy. For 26 years post injury I maintained good size in my legs and butt, and had absolutely no pressure sore issues. I could be up for 20 hours and have no problems (with no weight shifts). Now that I'm approaching 50, my legs have shrunk and I have a big decubitus ulcer (they'll put on a wound VAC Friday). Well now I'm having to be off my backside to let the ulcer heal (lots of dysreflexia when I'm up). But I'm having lots of bladder spasms and urethral drainage when in bed. I have a suprapubic 16 French catheter and have lots of drainage (which isn't good for healing of the ulcers).

    Any thoughts or suggestions? All help would be appreciated.

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    A condom cath until the problem's resolved.

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    See a urologist and if the doctor thinks it may be due to bladder spasms, they could perform a cysto metro gram (CMG). This would help to identify the pressure in your bladder and document when the leakage is occurring. The if it is due to the spasms you can get a prescription for ditropan or another anti spasm medication.

    Good luck

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