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Thread: In which: I melt down, douchebag lawyer quits

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    speakin of shit, I hope that lawyer gets a invol worse than the spammer I just wished it on.
    may his booty splode like mentos an soda.

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    Well nothing I can say....but I am day 2 of a meltdown myself.

    May all things someday come together for the good of both of us!!!!! We are not bad people. I think the world just sucks. Thank God for Larry.
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    And totally off-topic, if you go to the races in Hallett this weekend, my husband is racing. Formula Ford, blue/silver, #51. If you see him, say hi.

    Big hugs.

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    Much deserved meltdown Betheny! Like the others said, glad you are moving forward even though none of it is with ease.

    I love the way you write, thanks for that, you make me chuckle.

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