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Thread: disability insurance

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    disability insurance

    Having some shoulder issues and may need to have surgery just wondering if anyone know of any insurance out there like Aflac that would help when I cant work? I'm a para so it is going to be a good 6 month recovery

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    Aside from group plans that you may qualify for through work, your chances of getting approved for individual disability insurance with an existing pre-existing condition like SCI is slim to none. I was denied due to a mild tremor and am otherwise AB.

    Are you working now? You may qualify for some state disability coverage if so.


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    Also, some organizations allow you buy it (long-term disability, anyway) without underwriting if you buy right when you join. Would you qualify to join the NEA (National Education Association) or some other professional organization (architects, undertakers…) Isn't short term disability often a state program covering anybody who's been working? Even if you got approved for one of them, you likely would have a waiting period before coverage for your surgery if it already is a preexisting documented condition. These are just my thoughts from looking for myself, not as a result of any expertise.

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    I purchased long-term care disability insurance through my employer prior to my spinal cord injury. The problem I'm having is finding a home healthcare agency or even a nursing home that well except private long-term care insurance.

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