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Thread: Do you call yourself disabled?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    I really couldn't care less what label is used to define my limitations because I know that whatever someone calls me, my friends call me "Eileen" and do not think much beyond that identifier.
    I agree 100%. My family and church friends don't call me disabled. They just call me by my first name and that's that. I have even joked saying that "God was just being creative with the mold when he created me".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Fran├žais View Post
    You aren't upset, are you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
    Nope, I won't get upset due to others' perspectives/perceptions. I'll reply w/ my thoughts at a later time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fynalefree View Post
    NOW where's the list of things you can do? List that one and you'll feel diifferently.
    My appartment is very accessible so inside here I do all the normal things people are doing. I've had herbs and flowers on my balcony and just now I dry my herbs and cut down the flowers since it is on 7C outside and it is starting to be cold. I can clean my clothes, make food, take care of my smallest child at 15, he is not much work since he is on a boarding school not far from my house, I am a good wheeler, I can take curbs and go down two steps on my back wheel, I am strong from all the wheeling around the city.

    The last three month I have had a virus on my balanse and I feel real dizzy all the time so in reallity I should not be alone at home and I am not allowed to drive my car. Just now I am waiting for my 15 year old to come home from his father, it is fall vacation, so I can take a shower. Transfer is very difficult when I am dizzy and usually I don't have any trouble with transfers. I can't even put on shoes because I fall out the chair, it is some kind of fun because I fall out of the chair at least twice a day because I forget the vertigo. But the vertigo is not SCI related, I have been to the doctor, he said about two year before it disappear. But the snow is coming soon so then I am stucked inside in the appartment anyway.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I call myself MaryEllen.

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    I haven't been here long, but do see certain threads rehashed. Almost this same thread not long ago by dispatchjen. Similar attitudes and responses. I have never called myself disabled. I had an injury, I'm broken, I do the best with what i have. What others label me, handicapped, disabled, gimp, vertically challenged, really don't bother me. When people look at me, they say all of it with their eyes.
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    I never call myself as I am always here...

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    I tell people I'm PFU'd...........

    Phyically F*#ked Up

    lol it breaks the ice

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    Quote Originally Posted by avictoria View Post
    fynalefree, I like your attitude about avoiding labels. I only use them when medically or logistically required. I like physically challenged, personally but its acronym, PC is easily confused with PC LOL
    LABELS depress me except on food, then I want them to be big enough and truthful, lol.

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