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Thread: Wheelchair handrim covers

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    Wheelchair handrim covers

    I am thinking about buying handrim covers. Does anyone use them? I have seen blue ones, but would prefer black ones. Can anyone give me some advice? Pros and cons?

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    I do. I love them. Mine are black and much better than the gray coated ones. Great grip without using gloves.
    They do get hot in summer, harder to keep clean, and if you force yourself through a door they gouge. Your chair will be slightly wider and rims slightly heavier. Having said all that, I still use them!!

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    Where did you get your black ones at?

  4. #4 I believe. You have to know whether u have Q tab or rivnuts and rim size. You probably have Q tabs.

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    Are you looking for coated handrims or actual handrim covers?

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    Actual handrim covers

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