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Thread: HYPE-Tech Bike

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    meeker please take a moment or two to stand in front of the omentum therapy and other subjects because standing behind things the view never changes.

    If you need help understanding any thing please feel free to e-mail me. I would like to help you because these are important issues to me.


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    Ordering an FES bike...

    Hi there everyone...interesting topic we have here!

    Anyway I just wanted to let everyone know that my father has been talking to
    a Linda Scholts who works with Dr.Macdonald.
    My father and I have been convinced about the benifits of the/a FES bike since I heard of it.
    Unfortunately I dont know the differences between the modles.
    Linda Scholts told my dad that in addition to the cost of the bike we would have to pay $3,000 a day for 6 days in order to learn how to use this bike properly. That is the equivilant to 28,551.63 Canadiaqn dollars on the date of this post.
    If I am not mistaken she said that this cost would be for two people including food and accomadations. Not including airfaire.
    Also my dad wantted to know the name of the bike they were/are using. She would not disclose that information.
    My dad wants nothing more as do I then for me to get better.
    We are ordering a bike through Therapudic Alliance featured on the Muscle Power web site. The bike is the Ergys2.
    I m not sure if we/I are going to go ahead and visit Linda and Dr. Mac in St.louis or not. All I know is that my dad is reading the CR book and he praises Linda and Dr. Mac verry highly.
    The bike is 15,000 US pluse the 28,500 for traing...I dont know seems like alot of F**king money to me...but what do I know Im only a para wanting to get some form of recovery.

    What do you guys think of the 3,000 USD per day for 6 days???
    Has anyone else gotten this quote from Linda Scholts or has no one else here tried to go to the sorce of the Dr.Macdonald or as far as we got 2nd incomand Linda?

    Red T-10 March 25th 2002
    21 year old and counting.

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    Corroboration concerning the facts about Dr. McDonalds "new bike."

    Dr. Wise Young,

    Everything I have posted concerning Dr. McDonald can be corroborated. The events surrounding the acquisition of the technology for McDonalds "new bike" was given to me first hand. Federal regulations regarding medical equipment were violated, as well as patent rights. I receive e-mails almost daily encouraging me in my effort to bring truth to this issue.

    "The bike was originally designed in the late 70's for acutely injured people who might be able to recover in the first couple of months , but was not intended for people who have had their injuries for a long period of time. Only about 700 of the bicycles have been produced in the last 25 years"
    (Dr. McDonald)
    This is not true, McDonald has his facts and his numbers wrong, as Mr. Steve Petrofsky states in his rebuttal of McDonald's "claims."

    I guess I can name one of my sources, a man I had the pleasure of interviewing on the "NeuroStrength News" radio show a couple of years back. Hosted by Arnie Fonseca, co-hosted by John R. Meeker, his name is Steve Petrofsky. Perhaps you missed his post.

    Response to Dr. McDonald's posting of Aug. 12, 2002

    "I am Steven Petrofsky, chief inventor of all the commercial developed FES bikes since 1982 with the exception of the ERGYS II. I would like to refute the statement made that the present CFES bike technology is obsolete. My first point is the main use of the CFES bikes is for the long term home use and not just for inpatient hospital use. The second point, since 1983 when the REGYS was first commercially sold (1st clinical bike), the ERGYS in 1984 (1st home bike), and the StimMaster in 1995 (3rd generation bike using NASA spin-off robotics artificial intelligence, new low drag drive system, and more comfortable wave form), and the StimMaster Orion in 2001(4th generation bike using even more adaptive software, a superior low drag drive system, and a better low discomfort wave form), the main intended use of all of these bikes have been for home use as a rehabilitation tool. Better than 1200 units have been sold and delivered to homes around the world.

    This CFES bike technology has shown around the world that it does help eliminate skin breakdown in the gluts, reduces spasms, increases muscle mass back to normal, decreases healing time from cuts and abrasions through the increased circulation in the lower limbs, and increased cardiovascular and pulmonary function by riding the bike 3 times a week for 30-60 minutes. So how is this new information?

    Researchers have been conducting studies of the CFES bikes for the past 20 years. Thomas Mohr publishes five years ago in July 1997 a study showing bone density reversal on the CFES bike by riding 3 times a week. There our two classifications of spinal cord injuries, complete and incomplete. If a patient is incomplete, we have been indorsing and training physical therapists around the world for the past 4 years to pattern train the rider to increase function. This has worked very well with incomplete SCI, stroke, and MS. We have trained to use the FES as a booster to help the bike riders pedal the bike volitionally to increasing the muscle strength while also increasing the signal from the brain to the muscle. This is not a new concept! It is a combination of neuro-reeducation and muscle-reeducation. But this training will only work on limited number of incompletes. Please do not give out the impression that if you ride a bike you will be cured. This is not the case. No bike will do this. Researchers have worked with incomplete SCI injuriea and have seen that some of these individuals have increased function such as published by N. Donalson in Spinal Cord November 2000. A significant collection of medical abstracts on CFES biking can be found on the site under the tab labeled doctors corner.

    I have dedicated my life over the past 20 years to develop the state-of-the-art in CFES bike technology. The whole goal of this technology is to increase the population of riders and their gained medical benefits.

    By the way, 90% of our StimMasters are presently being paid for by insurance. The price of CFES bikes are about half the price that they were ten years ago."
    "My best to everyone. I would love to here your comments."
    Steve Petrofsky

    Perhaps you should scold Mr. Petrofsky for "attacking" Dr. McDonald, or perhaps there is more than one standard pertaining to comments on this forum.

    From the forum Arnie confronts Dr. McDonald:
    "I did contact Mr. Rummerfield about involvement in your study. I did think it to be curious when he told me the new bike would be marketed before the completed study. I have used the Stimmaster for five years in my clinic and with patients in their homes. We also have the ERGYS in our clinic. I know from experience that these bikes have many qualities that need to be adhered to or the patient could be greatly harmed. As always I have done some checking recently and I believe you are using either the ELA bike or the bike from Therapeutic Alliance or both in your clinic. I stand corrected if you aren't. So I guess if you are going to remanufacture one of these at a much reduced price the need for trials would not be necessary. Please let me know if this is correct. If not, than I would be highly concerned and would have a problem using an untested bike with my patients. I'm more concerned with getting the best equipment for my patients, not the least expensive." ( Arnie Fonseca)

    Arnie also say's on the forum concerning McDonalds "new bike":
    "MY extensive research with FES has always led back to Steve Petrofsky and Electrologic. As I stated earlier it's not worth the risk to my patients to use inferior equipment of this nature."
    (Arnie Fonseca)

    On the forum Vgrafen rips into Arturo:
    "Forgive me, Arturo, but... "I enjoy your wit, sir, and you generally are very detailed and don't miss much, and I realize I'm nit-pickin' here but you do a pretty fair job pickin' nits outta people's hair, so what the hell.
    Hey, take a look at your comment, 'feels like the truth.' Now, you jumped on Sue's ass for her 'opinion,' but then you offer up your own purely subjective crap in response. Hey, pal, the truth doesn't 'feel,' truth IS, doesn't need a defense or explanation. I realize, in this age of relative values we live in, truth for many is a subjective quality, for those on a non-technical, informal level of reality, but for many of us in this communtiy, and certainly the researchers and doctors who must rely on fact and data in order to FIND TRUTHS, there ain't nothin' 'feels' about it, man.
    My point: don't pound somebody for their SUBJECTIVE opinion then offer an even weaker one yourself. Truths that can be apprehended emotionally are like the weather: changing every day. I don't buy it, and I'll bet the more studious amongst us will concur. Regroup, please." (Vgrafen)

    Now here is a real nice guy. I believe he is the first to say "your are going to get your ass kicked," when I was well within my rights to express my opinion, according to you Dr. Young.

    Will you show me where I, "attack the right of other people to hold their views." (Wise Young)

    "The first was that your attacks were making John McDonald reluctant to post on the site." (Wise Young)

    I'm sorry Wise, I am just not that powerful so as to make McDonald reluctant to post, unless he has something to hide.

    One more thing "your living room" are not my words. I have been told this by members of the carecure forum on more than one occasion!
    Shall I go on?
    John R. Meeker

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    The only place I see "light years ahead" or new or whatever is in a newspaper report of the activities that are used. We have all seen on this forum in the past the way words get twisted and "literary license" is used by reporters. So I have copied the page from the Washington University website on what is being done and what is being tested in the words of the people doing the actual work.

    This testing is not to prove the bikes are sound, safe or even don't squeek when the flywheel moves. It's to test the PATIENTS and find out what kind of improvements routine use of a paralyzed person's non-working muscles and sensory nerves can be made. Now if Arnie has written any papers on what his patients have experienced in the way of restoration of function or sensation besides the normal benefits of exercise I really sincerely wish to read them. Just point the way.

    "I guess I can name one of my sources, a man I had the pleasure of interviewing on the "NeuroStrength News" radio show a couple of years back. Hosted by Arnie Fonseca, co-hosted by John R. Meeker, his name is Steve Petrofsky. Perhaps you missed his post."

    John, do you stil have a tape copy of this or a written transcript? I've never heard of the program. Is it still on the air? I can't even tune into On A Roll Radio unless it's off the web so any help finding this show is appreciated. Washington DC is not known for its non-political call in shows.

    And this is the last time I'll say this here and to everyone: This forum is run under certain guidelines. All are free to post, we welcome people from all countries and recognize that English is not everyones first or even second language and I have been doing my best to not correct anyone's grammar (hey, call me a repressed English teacher, ok? ), we particulary appreciate the participation of neuroscientists and physicians in the fields that apply to injuries and diseases of the spinal cord and we do NOT attack people personally. This applies to all posters and is not directed at just those posting to this thread. And if there are issues of patents or other legal questions I suggest people assume that such things are being dealt with by the concerned parties and not on an open internet forum.



    Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis


    The Activity-Based Recovery Program at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is built on the theory that some individuals with spinal cord injuries have the potential to recover some movement and sensation, regardless of how old the injury. This approach differs from that of standard rehabilitation programs, which focus on teaching ways to compensate for spinal cord injuries thought to be irreversible.

    Participants in the Activity-Based Recovery Program are treated at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis or St. Louis Children's Hospital. Each participant receives a combination of therapies tailored to his or her individual needs.

    The Activity-Based Recovery Program has three main goals. Specialized exercise equipment allows individuals with spinal cord injuries to reap the physical benefits of exercise, including improvements in cardiovascular health, bone density and muscle mass. Based on extensive laboratory studies, the medical team also believes that these same approaches also may help injured individuals recover movement and sensation by both encouraging intact cells to work as best they can and by stimulating new cells to grow.

    Treatments incorporated into the Activity-Based Recovery Program include:

    Functional Electrical Stimulation: Normally, the brain uses electrical messages to command muscles to move. But when a spinal cord is injured, those messages cannot travel from the brain to the rest of the body. That's where functional electrical stimulation comes in: A computer sends electrical messages to an individual's legs, similar to what the brain does normally. The muscles then contract and move under the computer's control. Functional electrical stimulation thereby enables paralyzed individuals to pedal a specially designed bike, for example. In the same way that uninjured people benefit from physical exercise like biking, exercise with functional electrical stimulation helps individuals with spinal cord injuries improve their overall strength and health. Research also suggests that simulating normal movements may encourage spinal cord cells that still are intact to "remember" what it's like to be involved in movements.

    Aquatherapy: Aquatherapy is physical therapy in a pool. Because there is almost no gravity under water, it's easier to move. Therefore, therapists can detect even the smallest movements and tailor treatment accordingly. It also is easier to practice movements under water, without gravity's resistance.

    Osteoporosis Treatment: Since people with spinal cord injuries typically don't use their limbs, their bones tend to weaken and often develop osteoporosis. Participants in the Activity-Based Recovery Program receive individualized drug treatments and are continuously monitored for changes in bone density. By combining osteoporosis medication and exercise with devices such as a functional electrical stimulation bike, individuals with spinal cord injuries may significantly increase their bone density.

    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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    Thanks for the concern!

    Sue and others. Between my clinics, my home care business and my family I wouldn't even think to do independent research. Thank God for people like Steve Petrofsky and Wise Young for being there developing quality equipment and presenting research that people like me can use in the care of my patients. Also I pulled out my file on FES research and found over 50 documented studies of success with this type of equipment on various neuro-challenged individuals. I appreciate your concern for my intentions. They are and always will be for the betterment of all those who are neuro-challenged.

    God Bless

    Arnie Fonseca, Jr.
    Neuro Institute

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