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Thread: HYPE-Tech Bike

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    HYPE-Tech Bike

    In the "One Step" publication Dr. J. McDonald has made some claims, as I believe he also did on this forum promoting his "High Tech" bike. A bike based on technology that has already been tested extensively over a period of many years, a bike that has been on the market for many years. All the time being upgraded and tested, refined some more, then tested. Tested not only in labs but where it counts most in the long run, in the clinics and homes where they are being used. These bikes are not outdated as McDonald improperly states on the front page of the "One Step" publication. He states about the bikes currently on the market "..but was not intended for people who have their injuries for a long period of time." He says he wants to build a bike that is more affordable so that insurance will cover the cost.

    Insurance has already covered the cost of these current bikes in many cases.

    Dr. McDonald also say's he is applying for federal grants "and for grants from the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation to pay for research project, which he said will cost about $750,000. a YEAR." (One Step pp.2)

    How many years? No wonder he is helping the Reeve Foundation raise so much money.

    The bike featured in the One Step publication is not his "bike," it is a Therapeutic Alliance bike if I'm not mistaken. Not a newer one either. What is he trying to represent when he promotes a therapeutic piece of equipment that he is seeking donations to pay for the "research" on, and the bike he depicts in the publication is not his own and no credit is given to the manufacturer.

    Dr. McDonald is going into business on the charity of other's. People who do not, or could not know better, give in good faith to these charities NOT so that the "wheel" can be reinvented then tested again and again.

    Dr. McDonald needs to seek VENTURE CAPITAL. If he can find investor's, which if his bike is as good as he say's it is, should be no problem, then he should test and retest until his "improved" product stands up to the scrutiny of the consumer; who, by the way should not have to pay for it twice, once through taxes, and or, by donations, then finally by the "low" cost he offers it to his customer's for after spending $750,000. a YEAR of their money for god knows how many years.

    What can you do for a loved one, or for yourself to improve your situation if you even had even one tenth of the $750,000. a year he is asking YOU to give HIM. Something to think about. No HYPE.

    Respectfully, Meeker

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    prepare for a surprise meeker !

    i know nothing about FES bikes , my most similar experience would be sitting on a tricyccle while wearing a walkman .having said this i am going to agree with you [shocked ? lol]. if what you say is true [ and i have no reason to doubt you ] this sounds like an exercise to consume money and give everyone involved a warm fuzzy feeling at the end . please let us see some new promising research !

    thank you

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    McDonald "Magic" Bike

    Maybe Dr. McDonald is going to keep us all in suspense until the Nov.14-15 NSCIA Conference in Mesa, Arizona. He is the lead speaker. This could really turn out to be revolutionary event, if Dr. McDonald is planning on "shocking" the paralysis world with the annoucement of his "Magic Bike".

    God Bless

    Arnie Fonseca, Jr
    Neuro Institute

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    Maybe he can also combine this treatment with ROT(rectal omentum transposition) to increase blood flow to the crotch area where the seat would be nice and squishy, and not cause problems to the all important groin area.

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    Testing, testing...

    For the amount of money, (3/4 of a million dollars per year,) that Dr. McDonald wants you to spend on his redundant "research", at least 54 Electrologic FES bikes could be placed in homes and clinics every year. Every State in the Country could have at least one in a clinic, accessible to all, if not a little crowded. Over the course of ten years, which, in wheelchair years, is not all that long. Over 535 Electrologic FES bikes could be placed in homes and clinics all the way across this Country. That would put at least Ten FES bikes in each state; not quite as crowded. Then, after twenty years..., not very crowded at all.
    We should collectively apply for the $750,000. that McDonald wants to play with, and make sure that each State has at least one FES bike from a reputable company, this year. If we buy in bulk, who knows, perhaps we can get a bulk price, then we will have the ability to put more of these bikes out there for people like you and me to use.
    This can happen now. We don't have to wait for redundant testing of an already existing product. We, as a group, can petition the Reeve Foundation and the Fed. Government to get an FES bike to just about anybody that can benefit from having one.

    Sincerely, Meeker

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    meeker, yes you could take the $750,000 and purchase 50 or so bikes and help 50 people. But after those 50, you would be back to square one with the other 250,000 people who also need the bikes. By conducting the trial that Dr. McDonald wants to do and documenting the results for the medical community and the insurance community, hopefully we can help the entire community and not just a few people here and there. Yes, it will probably take a little longer. . . But it will help many more in the long run.

    Oh, and thanks for the e-mail with the "shut the hell up" comment. That always adds a lot of credibility the to the speaker for me. he he

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    The testing has already been done. Why do it again.
    People donate in good faith not realizing that enterprising young Doctor's want to use their money to further their career's and make a name for themselves.

    Where is this "McDonald bike?" Like I said, the one he represents to be his, on page two of the OneStep Autumn 2002 edition is, I believe, a Theraputic Alliance bike. If it is good enough for Reeve and the person depicted in the photo in the OneStep news letter, then why all the redundant testing, and why the 3/4 of a million dollars per year to do this redundant testing?

    McDonald, explain yourself. Explain where you "found" this technology. Explain how you are going to save people money if you intend to spend 750,000. of their well intentioned, donated dollars per year, on a product that already has years of clinical testing behind it? Again how many years do you (Dr. Mcdonald) need this 3/4 of a million dollars per year to prove what has already been proven?
    Why don't you show us the bike so we can decide if it is worth spending our money on? Does this "new" bike actually exist? Where is it?


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    rectal omentum transposition

    Carl - You are hilarious. My officemate just asked what I was laughing about.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    LMFAO Carl!!!!

    P.S. --- Carl "shut the hell up"


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    These are important issues to me, and they should be for you also. But I suppose it is much more fun acting like school yard children.

    Confronting the issues requires thought; no time for that and fun too.


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