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Thread: HYPE-Tech Bike

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    I suppose statements like "your going to get your ass kicked." One of several threats I have received on this forum, is OK in your oppinion?

    Dr. McDonald has made many false claims. He is the one doing the harm by playing on the ignorance of people who don't know that what he is doing is in fact redundant and not needed. If he wants to go into the FES bike business let him solicite capital rather than research dollars that can be put to much greater use elsewhere.

    You of course know about the threat "Uncletad" (who ever he is) made against me, you know the one I'm talking about. The one which you passed off as scatological. Perhaps I should post that little tidbit to show the true character of some of the people on this forum.

    I suppose the insults are OK also? Just scroll down and read what is on chasb's mind. September is almost over. "Uncletad" is either running late or hopfully dead. Perhaps this would be a good time to post his scatological threat for all to read.
    Cool with you?

    Why don't you just say approval rather than approbation?


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    Thanks Wise

    My problem has never been the efforts made by Dr. McDonald or Mr. Reeve. This will only help what I am doing. My issue is and will remain giving proper credit. If we as a community continue to eat our own, we will continue to flounder. We must encourage those who have great ideas to continue trying to get them to the community at a fair price, not the cheapest. As for rocks being tossed my way I've had my share, and those of us in the trenches expect it. I don't believe it will keep good people away, I keep coming back, but then again?

    God Bless

    Arnie Fonseca, Jr.
    Neuro Institute

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    mr. meeker

    I am sorry, everyeone but mr meeker sickens me. Why is every post he puts here so confrontational? Why cant he just put information on and leave us to think about it? If you look close, mr meeker, you are the one causing all the disturbings everywhere, from the moment you started with your omentum thing.
    I am at rehab today after 4 weeks of intense flu. I do not know uncletad but I know his brother died earlier in this year from the pneumonia; he wrote a little letter to everyone that was posted here. I dont ever see him posting here but if my brother just died, I probably woudl take some time off, too. Mr meeker, if you are getting people upset with you and making threats, please remember that you keep provoking people with your attitude. Remember how abusive you were to Vgarfen? I think if you just would be informative, people would listen. I think you owe everybody a apology, so please give it and then maybe thinsg will calm down.

    somebody get us out of these chairs!

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    Arnie, thanks for your post. I have had nothing but the highest regard for the work that you are doing. If you want to give credit to Petrovsky or anybody else, you are welcome to do so but I think that you agree with me that we need to pull the oars together. A lot of people are pulling on the oars.

    Meeker, as you know, I don't approve of any personal attacks against you on these forums. What people send to you as personal email is not within our control. On the other hand, you have just openly accused another member of this forum of doing research for private gain, criticized his integrity, and implied that he should not get the grants that he has indicated he is applying for. What is your goal?


    P.S. By the way, approbation ( means
    1. An expression of warm approval; praise.
    2. Official approval.

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    The insults, the rants and the out right stupidity stops here. I am not about to address every little nit that has been picked in this thread. Suffice it to say that there is a huge difference between selling FES bikes, developing FES bikes and proving FES bikes cause regeneration and/or restoration of function. They all have their place and they are all different subjects.

    So Dr McDonald wants a $750,000 grant to prove these types of intervention cause regeneration/restoration and improved health is not a stretch by any means. He is currently still the lead researcher for a phase 1 trial of the use of porcine fetal cell transpants in humans in St Louis. Either kind of trial requires two to three or more years and several peoples salaries not to mention the equipment, space and ingenuity to pull everything together so that the final product is worth more than what the original funding was. In other words, that the end point furthers our search for the cure to paralysis!

    So get over it already and for those that need it please reread the forum guidelines.

    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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    Back off and tone it down meeker.

    Nancy's right.
    Wise is right.
    Sue is right.

    Even your friend Arnie is at least cordial.

    You, on the other hand have been rude, condescending, pompous and have managed to piss off a number of people on these forums in a matter of three months of your introduction.

    So here's a little friendly advice. When joining an established group (many have been on this site and its predecessors for years) why not try and be friendly. Go out of your way to listen, respond and respect others. Then slowly introduce your ideas, thoughts. Not via carpet bomb laced with arsenic.

    The saying goes: "Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care". Try caring first then impart your wisdom. Your audience may be much more receptive.

    And by the way, I hope for your sake, that UncleTad is not reading your post. If I were you I'd be a bigger man and delete / modify your last tirade.

    You're building quite a reputation for yourself and you may just want to take a break and cool it.


    Onward and Upward!

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    I have said nothing that can't be substantiated. The truth hurts. But what the hell, you have all piled on before when the truth got a little to close for comfort.
    Wise I know what approbation means, my question was why did you choose to use that word, (a word rarely used,) instead of the word approval?

    Your favorite punching bag,

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    meeker in racing we have a term called "Target Fixation," its were people find themselves out of control and just look at one object, loosing focus on the whole. Which is what I would term your behavior in this thread. meeker please read the comments by others in this thread with an open mind because their trying to help you see the whole. Some of the same people responding to this thread are the same people who helped you see the whole picture with omentum therapy.

    If you need help understanding any thing please feel free to e-mail me. I would like to help you because these are important issues to me


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    I have been racing since before you were born.
    As to seeing the whole, it is you and other's who have the myopic view. I have and always will stand behind the Omentum procedure. Perhaps you should try thinking outside the box instead of trying to force me into yours. There is a wealth of knowledge out there that for some reason very few people want, or are willing to tap into. Make the phone calls, read something other than the collective opinions on this site. You will find some interesting things beyond the confines of this forum.

    Always truthful,

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    This is a community. Here, we treat each other with respect even though we may not agree with them. I appreciate your passion and your commitment to the field but when your comments are driving other people from the site, it must stop. One other thing, let us agree not to criticize each other's English, okay?


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