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Thread: low dose naltrexone?

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    Welcome, minnie60! How wonderful that LDN stopped your progression! What dose do you take?

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    Why 4AP and not Ampyra Minnie? Just wondering and yes welcome to carecure.

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    Hello to both of you and thank you for the welcome.

    LDN dose is 3 mg, I do have allot of spasticity. Regarding 4AP there are a couple reasons. I have read several posts all over and for those who went off the compounded to the new, have found it less effective and many are going back. 2nd, cost is much more reasonable compounded.

    3rd, I am super sensitive to meds, from what I have read the quick release would be a better fit for me. Dosing is better controlled when using quick release.

    I am a person who can't handle 5 mg of baclofen. It knocks me out and legs feel too weighted, zanaflex doesn't work either. When I can't handle my spasticity I take 1 mg of valium and find I rarely use it because of sleepiness. But out of all the meds I have tried it is what I tolerate the best. I am hopeful 4AP will offer some relief for spasticity as well as the other positive effects. as some patients have reported it has reduced theirs.

    I think it was when I was on Skip's forum I saw listed under approved pain killers for LDN is DL-Phenylalanine DLPA, which it posts also enhances the effectiveness of LDN. It states it should be taken twice daily on an empty stomach in doses of 500 mg. I just ordered it yesterday. Am hopeful once I can try it it will reduce some of my pain. Pre LDN the only pain killer I could tolerate was tylonol 3 and is what I used after my carpel tunnel surgery. My body responds extremely well to very small amounts of help. But as you know with LDN any narcotics are out of the equasion.

    Have a great day.

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    Minnie, thank you for this great information - it is all very, very helpful!

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    I've been taking 3 MG daily for a few years maybe, and have not noticed anything from it, either positive or negative. But I did not know there was any prohibition against narcotics with it. I'm sure I must have had some narcotics when I got injured again in 2009. But maybe I didn't have my other pills with me at the hospital.

    What are some common narcotics?

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    Response to Random

    Hi Random,
    Will see if this will copy & paste. Lists ok and not ok drugs for LDN and LDN websites I go into them for allot of information. Didn't reference before because I hadn't researched the site well enough to see if they were already in here.

    Another informational site is Patientslikeme, it is a forum for MS, ALS etc.


    The official LDN website:
    Diseases helped by LDN:
    Drugs to avoid when taking LDN:
    Side effects and dosing of LDN:
    How to obtain LDN:
    LDN-related research:
    Dawn's Hashimoto's blog:
    An LDN chat group for MS:
    The 1st U.S. LDN Conference:
    The 2nd U.S. LDN Conference:
    The 1st European LDN Conference:
    Dr. Lawrence's advice on LDN and MS:
    LDN for FMS:
    A charity for LDN research:
    LDN for Alzheimer's:
    LDN for autism:
    LDN for cancer:
    Bill's LDN and MS site:

    LDN for Crohn's:
    Dr. Berkson on ALA and LDN:
    LDN for HIV/AIDS:
    Mary's LDN Radio Show:
    LDN for lupus:
    LDN for rheumatoid arthritis:
    LDN for PD:
    An LDN-related article:
    LDN-related video clips:
    LDN-related books:
    Best Regards,

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    OOPS, ONE MORE SITE: This is a person with health issues and it is her site I first learned about allot of things and further researched, internet is great once you have the terminology to look upsite

    Just google
    Crystal's MS,TM & LDN Website
    Best Regards,

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    Wow minnie, thanks!

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    Knowledge is great!

    Your welcome and if anyone has others please share.
    Best Regards,

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    LDN, I've been on it for over 7.5 years...

    The first thing you should know about LDN is that it is not a miracle cure. That being said you will likely see any symptoms 6months old or newer will not hang around. I do not plan (unless there is an MS cure) I do not plan to stop using LDN.

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