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Thread: list of clinical trials

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    list of clinical trials

    Below are two lists of clinical trials that I have collected some time ago on this site. It is time to consolidate and update this list. Any help, would be appreciated.

    Trials that are underway in the U.S.:
    1. 4-aminopyridine (Acorda Therapeutics)
    2. Porcine stem cell transplants (Diacrin)
    3. AC spinal cord currents (Purdue)
    4. AIT-082 (Neotherapeutics)
    5. CPG stimulation (Arizona)
    6. Treadmill training (NIH multicenter)
    7. M1 antibody (Acorda)

    Overseas clinical trials that are underway
    1. Activated macrophage (Proneuron)
    2. Peripheral nerve grafts (Brunelli)
    3. VGH and grafts (Cheng)
    4. Peripheral nerve bridges (China)
    5. Human embryonic stem cells (Russia)

    Planned clinical trials
    1. IN-1 (Switzerland)
    2. Porcine OEG cell transplants (Alexion)
    3. Schwann cell transplants (Yale/Miami)
    4. Human OEG cell transplants (Spain)
    5. Inosine (BLSI)
    6. Theophylline (for ventilator dependence)

    1. Kharkov (embryonic cerebral nerve tissue) - STARTED
    2. Acorda (4-aminopyridine) - STARTED
    3. Novosibirsk (embryonic stem cells) - STARTED
    4. Kupavna (neural stem cells, embryonic stem cells) - STARTED
    5. Bologna, Brunelli (peripheral nerve grafts) - STARTED
    6. Proneuron (activated macrophages) - STARTED
    7. VGH Taiwan, Cheng (no peripheral nerve grafts) - STARTED
    8. Purdue, Indiana (AC currents for regeneration) - STARTED
    9. Diacrin (porcine neural stem cells) - STARTED
    10. UAB (Neurogel, stem cells, FGF1) - SOON
    11. Alexion (porcine olfactory ensheathing glia) - SOON
    12. Estonia (embryonic stem cells, growth factors) - SOON
    13. Yale (Schwann cells) - SOON
    14. Novartis (IN-1 antibody therapy) - this year
    15. BLSI (Inosine and AF-1) - this year
    16. Acorda (M1 antibody) - by the end of this year
    17. Layton Bioscience (human neural stem cells) - this year
    18. Neotherapeutics (AIT-082) - STARTED
    19. Dr. Hans Keirstead (demyelination treatment) - next year
    20. Reeve-Irvine Research Center - next year
    21. UCSD, Tuszynski (genetically modified cells to produce NT-3)
    22. Acorda (cellular adhesion molecule L1) - next year
    23. Inhibitor Vaccine -
    24. Receptor blocker -

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    Excellent list, thanks! Do you have any idea when item number 3 (listed below) will produce published results? Also, are items 1, 2, & 4, in human trials as well? I think the idea that Human ESC trials are underway in Russia is noteworthy. Illustrates just how far ahead foreign countries are ahead of the USA in certain sciences.

    1. Novosibirsk (embryonic stem cells) - STARTED
    2. Kupavna (neural stem cells, embryonic stem cells) - STARTED
    3. Human embryonic stem cells (Russia)
    4. Porcine stem cell transplants (Diacrin)

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    The M1 antibody trial from Acorda hasn't started yet and will, to my knowledge, not start in the very near future as well.
    And you forgot to mention the OEG trials in Portugal,Australia and China and an electric current trial in Ireland as well.

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    this was made over a year ago, i think joe made it.

    noticed how all the overseas therapy has moved forward, while
    usa is stuck in this time loop. i never imagine this chart
    wont not change much in 1 year. its very disappointing and i
    question the heart of the researchers here.

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