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Thread: Temp job for Boston Transit - get paid to ride the T

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    Temp job for Boston Transit - get paid to ride the T

    I just got this email from Jeff Dougan from the Massachusetts Office on Disability:

    Hello everyone,

    Please pass this email along to your contacts.

    Delta Services Group will be conducting new performance study of the MBTA's bus system. The study will be performed mid-October through November 2011. Delta is seeking people to work as independent contractors to test the bus system. Testers are persons with a disability who: use a cane, walker, walking assistive device or a securable wheeled mobility device no larger than 48 inches by 36 inches. And are able to independently ride the bus and subway system.

    Testers must have the stamina to work a 4 hr. to 6 hr. shift. The study is conducted between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on weekdays. Participants will receive training and have approximately 2 weeks of work. Payment is $15/hr. Please contact :



    Taramattie Doucette, Esq.
    Project Director
    Children's Disability Project
    Greater Boston Legal Services
    197 Friend Street
    Boston, MA 02114
    Fax: (617)371-1222
    TTY: (617)371-1228
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
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    wow sounds like a good gig, I would do it if I was in the area.

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