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Thread: When you dream at night...

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    I usually fly in my dreams for some reason. never walking since being injured, though I can actually walk, but it isnt very nice to see apparently.
    I have been able to fly quite-a-bit in my dreams too!
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    After the 30-year mark, I stopped walking in dreams. I guess the subconscious brain can't remember walking anymore. But I flunk a lot of tests and always seem to be going back to college for a whole year for three missing credits or something like that. The dream brain has no trouble remembering education anxiety.

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    For the first 8 or 10 years, I would be walking and able bodied. At some point, I would remember that I was paralyzed, and over the next few scenes would regress to limping, to braces, then crutches and then to a chair. Now I let myself be AB full times. The other cool thing is that many times I have dreamed that if the wind was just right, I could face into it and hold my arms in a tracking position (like ski jumpers do) and get airborne and soar down slopes. As I got better at it, I would get to the point that I would be able to catch thermals and actually fly. I *love* that shit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    Le T, hug.
    I dreamed I woke up, and felt something. looked under my sheet, and Id grown quit a respectable weenie. I reached down to touch it, and It was amazing, gave it a squeeze, and it broke off in my hand. I was so bummed, I realized then I was dreaming, tried to put it back on.....I dont mean to cheapen your heart break sweetie. ya, I got one fool I dream about weather I like it or not. I kinda think it was his weenie I woke up with attached to me.
    worst kisser ever that one.

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    I dream or both, able bodied and in the chair. Most times I am in the chair and then say to myself, " why are you doing this?" then get up and walk away. LOL. If it was only that easy !

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