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Thread: Bicep Tear/Rotator Cuff! In lots of Pain! PLEASE HELP!

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    Bicep Tear/Rotator Cuff! In lots of Pain! PLEASE HELP!

    Hi, I was diagnosed with a Bicep Tear and a torn Rotator Cuff. I was fired from my job because my doctor only works with holistic medicines and the pain was so severe I could not do my job. So my kids and I are getting by with what I was able to put into savings. I'm looking for work but the pain is constant and it's really hard for me to fight it. Could anyone recommend a doctor where I could get some pain medications so I can get some relief until I get another job with insurance and I can get it operated on? Just really need some relief right now. I'm in Washington State

    Thank you for your time
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    SaME stuff here also. More than tears to the biceps, more like complete tear off from the longhead. I get cortizone shots from an ortho. Helps alot. Work the other areas of the shoulders to make them stronger to help support the injured area. I use very light weightsd anad therabands . Thing is not to force it to get well, all it will do is tear more. Believe me, I've done it.

    I use a trainer who works for whatever I can pay him. Been doing it for 5 years. It really helps to have a knowledgable person to help with the workout and support the arm in a proper position.

    It's too late for surgeries for me, thank goodness. So I just maximize what I have left to their fullest potential without hurting them more. Good Luck, It's a tough scary injury.

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    Thank you, without insurance, i'm struggling with going to another doctor because I cannot afford the office visit up front and anything else they might charge for

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    Gosh this is tough. You need at least a PT to get you started.

    Here is a link to exercises for shoulder pain

    There is also a sticky at with additional exercises and longer text.

    The exercises can be helpful with the pain, but DO NOT OVERDO. It may be much slower than you expect or hope for. In my view allowing the shoulder to rest is essential, but it is close to impossible in a wheelchair. Looking back I think my biggest problem was chronic re-injury of the tears.

    If you use the search function in CareCure for "shoulder pain", "shoulder surgery", "shoulder surgery recovery" you can get a good education -- but it may not help your immediate problem.

    Wish I could give you more.
    T4 complete, 150 ft fall, 1966. Completely fused hips, partially fused knees and spine, heterotopic ossification. Unsuccessful DREZ surgery about 1990. Successful bladder augmentation using small intestine about 1992. Normal SCI IC UTI problems culminating in a hospital stay in 2001. No antibiotics or doctor visits for UTI since 2001: d-mannose. Your mileage may vary.

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    Thank you very much

    Thank you for the advice, I have really tried to take it easy and rest it throughout the day. It's just in the evening when it really bothers me and prevents me from sleeping. I take tylenol and ibuprofen but was told it can really be harmful for you organs if you take too much. Just would like to get some pain medicine to take at night so I can get some rest.

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