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Thread: intrathecal pump w/ dilaudid...need help asap!!

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    I've had a spinal column pump for over 10 years now BUT

    Yes, I've had a pump hooked up to my spinal column for the last 10+ years and have mostly good things to say about it BUT now I am in Alaska and there are NO Doctor's who fill these pumps in Juneau. I have a little over a month before it runs dry and I have NO options. What I am asking is, does anyone have any idea what will happen when my pump runs out? What can I expect? I'm not going to lie I am a little concerned about it.

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    @darose, frankly, you should be scared. Running out of medication in an intrathecal pump is a potentially life-threatening situation depending on what medication you're receiving through the pump and how severe the withdrawal symptoms are. In addition, the pump itself may be damaged and need to be replaced.

    I have to ask. How is it that you didn't you consider how you were going to get your pump refilled before you moved to a place where there are no specialists who manage intrathecal pumps?
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