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Thread: help at college

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    Quad here - never used a note taker. Use a wanchik for (extended) writing.
    Tried a recorder once for a lecture class, but found that to be too time consuming to re-listen to. It was easier to scribble notes as quickly as possible, allowing me to add additional notes as needed and highlight important points, etc., then I usually re-write my scribbled notes, so they're more legible, better organized, and most importantly, it helps me to remember. I sometimes asked other students to photo copy notes, if I miss class or feel I don't have complete notes, but I usually preferred my own notes cuz people take notes differently (but t's always nice to have that extra to make sure I didn't miss something important).

    wtf, re using the notetaker - it's a good idea to just get that process going now in case you decide you need it. It may be too late to set one up for you for this semester, but it's good to get the ball rolling so you are set up for next semester if you decide you need one after all. Good Luck!
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    i'm a para in law school but use a notetaker. it's for other reasons than being in a chair though. it's a combination of vision problems and being ill on and off daily due to meds and the nature of my virus that make it difficult to take notes for a two hour class everyday. i do take my own notes and don't use the notetaker as a crutch rather an addition. i put both sets of notes together and study from them to make sure i have a comprehensive view of my class. i'd recommend one if you have a need, i put off having one even before i was in the chair. i could never see the board even with glasses and had a hard time taking notes. i still did well in school but it was a scramble at the end of every semester. having notes from a notetaker makes me feel more confident in class and that i'm learning the material better, i think those are the goals of college. i love disability student services at my school and student affairs at the law school. they've set up my classes to be taped when i was out for surgery. when i miss class for being sick my professors actually believe me because at the beginning of the year i sat down with both offices and outlined things i'd need help with and what my disability implies. they've also made sure all my class rooms are accessible and have been trying to get me accessible housing and link me with resources in the community. i don't think using DSS shows any weakness, they don't do anything for you, they just help give you resources so you can succeed yourself.
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    Another thought on taking notes. I find that taking notes helps me to remember things better whether or not I ever review the notes. So, even though I usually had a couple of sharing classmates who took more copious and more legible notes than I, I also took my own notes. It was always interesting to see how other people organised the information and what they deemed most salient. Do you know that some people don't draw doodles in the margins of their notes?

    Note taking is one of the most useful things I learned in school. I still make notes on almost every business phone call.

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    Tutoring may be more helpful than a notetaker. The counselor is asking for documentation of your disability which is ADA SOP, her attitude however was less than helpful. I was a VR counselor and my students would benefit greatly from tutors, especially in math. The Disability Svcs Office would supply these and kept a list of tutors. The math tutors would be outstanding math students who had mastered that particular coursework. They would be paid tutors as part of their work study program. Once you document your disability for Disabled Student Svcs. it seemingly should make you eligible for all Disabled Student Svcs including tutoring.

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    Mary - I think I am more visual, if I can see and copy what he's writing, I can take it home and process what he did.

    FO - Most of my classmates keep to themselves and are out the door as soon as he says "see you next time." This one chick that sat next to me was struggling too but I think she dropped out because I haven't seen her this past week.

    Chick - you and Stephen are right, I am going back down there to set it up for next semester in case I need it.

    AncientGimp - I have used tutoring services and it's been really helpful. I'm wondering if I can skip math class and just work with the tutor, I have 13 hours left.

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    disability services cant tell you that because you didnt have a note taker last semester you cant have one now. in college, i used carbon paper, for whoever i asked to take my notes so we both automatically had a copy or i just asked another student who i thought was pretty good note taker to make a copy of their notes after class. that worked best for me.

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    Is there an app that helps out this situation?
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