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Thread: The process is finally finished!!

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    The process is finally finished!!

    After a total of five facial reconstructive surgeries, since the 09 accident, I've finally completed the process, (new pic posted.) Thank goodness for a wonderful niece who's a fabulous beautician and make-up artist, but my real gratitude goes to, who I believe to be the absolute best facial and ocular eye surgeons in the nation--Dr. Jennifer Sivak, at the WV Eye Institute in Morgantown, Wv. I teased and told her if only now she could so easily help us with our neurological injuries, but we both agreed, that'll best be left in the hands of Dr. Young.
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    Congratulations, you look great.

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    Hi "Patty41,"
    Thanks for updating us with your progress from your most recent facial surgery. Many of us have been thinking about you since you wrote about having this most recent surgery. Your avatar picture tells your story. You look wonderful.

    All the best,
    GJ and NL
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    Glad to hear that the ordeal is over and everything worked out. I hope your future is filled with many positives.
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    Oh, Patty, I am so delighted to see this thread! Like so many others here, I've wondered how you're doing and am thrilled to hear that you are finished with this process. As gjnl says, your avatar picture tells the story - just lovely. I know you must feel so relieved and happy to have the surgeries behind you. Blessings always!

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    You look mahvelous!

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    Iv been thinking about you, wondering how it was going with that.
    you are lovely, so glad the surgeries went well.

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    Patty, congratulations on your completion of this final surgery. I am so glad things turned out so well for you!

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    Looks good, Patty, but I thought that you looked good before surgery - you have a good face.
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    You look great! If you're happy then that's the important part! Do you have a side-by-side before-and-after?
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