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Thread: "You're really quite attractive"

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    It might mean that they never really looked at you before because as some of us know being in a wheelchair means you are invisible most of the time.

    Or, the inner you and the outer you combined to make a really attractive person when they got to know you.

    Or, it is just a compliment and they don't tell people things like that very often and they were surprised at themselves for needing to say it.
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    This could all be a textbook case of over-reading something. Obviously no one here knows the mindset of the person who responded or his use and command of language. It could have been a backhanded compliment OR perhaps he's not someone usually given to offering compliments to someone he doesn't know, in which case his response may reflect hesitation based in embarrassment.

    There are thousands of ways of (mis)interpreting what was said. He could be totally sincere and be the nicest guy you'd ever hope to meet or a complete sociopath. Who knows? On first blush I wouldn't assume the worst.
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    Maybe they both simply find you really quite attractive and wanted you to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    I think the suspect word here is "really". Like, you really have a pretty face if you'd just lose the weight...
    Perhaps, but quite is suspect to interpretation as it can mean somewhat or extreme.

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    No point in over-analyzing it Randy - you really are quite attractive, you know!

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    I am not at all impugning their motives. They're both nice guys – a neighbor and a guy in therapy – and I'm sure they were being sincere. I just wonder about what it might reveal in their subconsciouses, because I can't imagine any reason for saying it other than their registering surprise. I don't expect I gave either any reason to think I needed reassuring.

    But I happily will take compliments from the charmers here. Thanks.

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