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    Wired Shut

    I have a friend of mine that was in a car accident and had facial breaks and had to get his mouth wired shut. He is getting tired of what the hospital instructed his to drink. He is clear to have anything, any kind of food but can't chew. He was told to drink smoothies, shakes. He also drinks soda. Right now it is constantly Ensure with an additive for protein and nutrition. Blending up food he thinks is terrible and thinks of food all the time. He hates seeing everyone eating and he can't. Any suggestion!?!? please

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    I got my ass kicked while handcycling this summer in an act of random violence and ended up with my jaw broken in two places. I was wired shut for six weeks. Eating was a constant struggle and I ended up losing 15 pounds (I went from 155 lbs to 140 lbs).

    I have no good news for your friend. It sucks. He's on the right track with the smoothies, shakes and sodas. It's all about calories. Consider adding protein powder to the smoothies. It's also very important to keep up on oral hygiene with the increased sugar intake.

    As far as other foods.... all I really had was soup. Every other blended liquid meal that I tried ended up tasting like liquid failure.

    I hope others have more info for you, and that your friend gets well soon.

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    pudding, jello,
    Chinese food- hot and spicy soup!!! love it. Other soups! Tomato soup- whatever he likes and make the crackers small and drown them.
    Chowder with those oyster biscuits.
    Baby food- the fruits are good not sure about the peas.
    Does he have to blend it or can he use real small bites- CAn he get soft cheese- cottage cheese should be okay, Try sushi, soft small pastas, CWO

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    When I had babies we just blended up the same food we ate, without the seasoning. I even blended a pork chop once. Caught hell for it too. But that boy was hungry!!

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    A protein powder called Muscle Milk mixed with either water or milk.
    Cream of Wheat or Oatmeal thinned with milk adds fiber to the diet.
    Cream of Cheese soup.
    Carnation Instant Breakfast has several flavors and lots of vitamins and minerals.
    Here is a book he might find helpful...Dinner Through a Straw:

    Give him my best,

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    What about the baby meals on glass? It is not necessary to chew that as it is for 6 month babies. Some of them tast nice.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    when i became sci i also crushed my face and mouth it was wired shut . that sucks literallyy

    nothing is easy shakes pudding i loved mash potateoes.

    nothing is worse than field peas in a blender yuck but shepards in atl they did their best

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