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Thread: Lady Gaga dedicates a song to bullied teen

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    Lady Gaga dedicates a song to bullied teen

    this may be old news, but:

    Lady Gaga dedicated a tribute song to Jamey Rodemeyer, a 14 -year-old student who killed himself as a result of bullying.
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    Yes, I saw that; I thought it was absolutely beautiful.

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    this needs to stop. Hate speech needs to be outlawed. online and in media and in Public. Parents who are found to preach it to their children should be punished for child abuse. (I am serious) The designer in France who made horrid comments to woman about Jewish people in a bar..was prosecuted. They take this seriously in Australia, Canada and Europe. The only thing stopping it here is the right wing who believes freedom of speech is sacrosanct. This is one life too many. People cannot on their own, be universally decent and good and yes, they need to be, as Palo Alto Pixie said in another thread, made to be so by tolitarian rule if need be. If you participate in hate speech.bullying based on color, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or ethnicity, or weight! If you use the internet to lie and harass and promote violence and aggression against a another...this is a no brainer. You should be punished under the laws of a civilized society. I know it is a slippery slope and difficult to define..but they do it in other we can start here.
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