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Thread: family has leukodystrophy

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    Question family has leukodystrophy

    I am so thankful for this forum! My family has autosomal adult onset Leukodystrophy and we feel so helpless as this disease takes one after another. Is there anyone else who has this in their family? Thanks for listening and I hope I hear from you. Judy*

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    Just wanted to say welcome, saw no replies to your post. I am sorry I can't help I have MS and no knowledge on your question.

    God bless and hope you find a means of a support group. Illness can be so isolating.
    Best Regards,

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    Welcome to CCC Judy!
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    Welcome, Judy. Like Minnie, I have MS and no personal experience with leukodystrophies, but one thing I do know - you'll find a wealth of information here, and a lot of support for yourself and your family.

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