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Thread: Bladder Stone Question

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    Bladder Stone Question

    What is the treatment for Struvite (infection) stones in the bladder? I have several large ones and the urologist wants to remove them with open surgery. I had the same surgery three years ago and Im wondering how much more surgery my poor bladder can take. Can large struvite stones be blown up with laser?

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    The laser sounds like a good approach I dont remember if mine were removed that way I think there is a sonic wave way in water or something when I go for procedures I am out ... Cystopcopies I dont like but recently had mine removed that way the dr has a way of breaking the stone's into smaller pieces and that was how he removed them out you know where urethra Ouchie ...they are so painful I sympathize with you

    Our poor Bladders , kidneys
    Hope you feel better

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    Did he say why these cannot be treated by laser? Sometimes the size and location of the stones will not allow this. If you are concerned, you may want to get a second opinion from another urologist before you have an open procedure. Generally they can be either crushed or lasered in the bladder. They do need to come out.


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    We have been told that struvite stones are often full of bacteria, which is why shattering them is not a good idea. Jim has had recurrent struvite stones. Had one kidney removed 40 years ago for a large staghorn stone. Recently had a percutaneous nephrolithotomy (access through a tube in the back) to remove a small stone. He had 4 infections with the same bug within 6 months so it had to come out.

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