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Thread: "United We Stand, Divided we Fail"

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    "United We Stand, Divided we Fail"

    On March 25th,2002 I arrived at the scene of my son Kevin's accident not knowing whether he was dead or alive: every parent's worst nightmare! Within
    seconds Kevin communicated that he couldn't feel his legs. At that very moment I felt completely useless because I had no knowledge about what to do or what should be done. I placed my total trust on the professionals, the ambulance drivers,the er nurses,the doctors. I believed at the time and I still believe that they acted in the best way they knew how and conducted themselves according to required policies.

    Since, Kevin's injury I am leaving no stone unturned with respect to what the possiblities are for finding a cure. What has become apparent, its going to
    take a lot more funding. The obstacles to funding are numerous and much of the funding is dedicated to "personal agendas" which may or may not benefit the broader spinal cord injured community that wants to find a cure. This is not
    meant as a criticism rather an observation of attitudes and commentary I have
    read both by practionars in the spinal cord field and individuals who are experiancing life in a wheel chair.

    As someone who has made a committment to work towards facilitating his son's
    wellness and ultimately Kevin's deep desire to walk again I am convinced that
    the spinal cord community needs to unite in a way that first, enhances the economics of receiving treatment to further better health. Second,that a strategy be developed that results in changing conventional attitudes to procure funding. Strength in numbers is a place to start! I would appreciate hearing your comments and ideas to this end!

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    It seems as though many people that experience SCI, form or initiate their own paralysis organization/fund. This dilutes the potential strenght and clout of larger, more influential organizations that already have doors opened for funding and research. I feel consolidation would be more advantageous in the long run.

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