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Thread: Does my son have a valid point?

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    Exactly Moody I'm the one in the chair and I get all kinds of greif from family and a few friends about asking them to get stuff for me when I'm in my chair or ask for help to do stuff that I can do on my own. I asked my brother to come and help me move a big bunch of catheter supplies a few weeks ago because I figured I might need some help moving stuff in the storage closet, when it turned out to be just throwing stuff in there he wasn't too amused.

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    There are a lot of things that I perhaps can do, but an AB can do so much faster and without expending nearly as much energy and time to accomplish. Like vacuuming the house I can and have done it multiple times, but it takes me 2hours while it only my wife or daughter around 15 minutes. Wait yes I think that kids should do simple stuff for their parents when asked. I say please and thank you when she does them, but my wife just tells her to do it most of the time. Either way she does what she is told sometimes...

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